Laura and Ken : Anytime


It’s in the way he speaks about her. His soft words accented with wry humor. Ken speaks of Laura the way most people speak of saints and legends. On the windy streets of San Francisco, Ken stood close and spoke candidly about his wife of ten years.

She’s really the world’s top three mothers…because, I mean, I think she’s Number One, but there may be one or two out there who may challenge her… Ken recounted how they met in college and fell in love, and decided to celebrate their anniversary away from their Georgia home and three fabulous boys. Laura described her boys with such joy and passion, and one can tell her love for them is a mere division of her love for Ken.

After ten years of marriage and growing, Ken still makes Laura laugh. Like a crinkled-nose-and-squinted-eyes kind of laugh, followed by a bashful rolling of the eyes. The latter is because most of Ken’s humor centered around his purported modeling career, his wife’s beauty, and his intense desire for her to Show a little more skin, Laura!

Laura and Ken, thank you for allowing me to document your lives and love. You showed me how good ten years of marriage looks with a good amount of love, laughter, and good old fashion desire! 😉 Happy Anniversary! Much Love…j*

Ken…please don’t kill me for posting this picture…it was one of my favs! 😉

Good grief…this is a woman after my own heart!

This is my favorite shot of the day…

Just before taking the following pictures, Laura told me they were kind of shy and often quiet in a large group of people…somehow, I don’t believe her! 🙂

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