Lauri and Mike : Wedding

Lauri and Mike : Wedding


The wedding dress. The moment she found it, Lauri was smitten with the lace, the beadwork, and the attention to detail. Everyone agreed it was the perfect accoutrement for such a perfect day, so Lauri ordered it and happily left the bridal store. A few short weeks before the wedding, the dress arrived, but when Lauri slipped into it, she could see her ankles. And a portion of her legs. Sort of like a bride waiting for a flood. Not panicked—Lauri employed deep breathing to remain calm—she ordered a new dress. A few short days before the wedding, the dress arrived with various colored lace—patches of beige, cream, vanilla—instead of the white she ordered. Deeper breaths ensued. Lauri’s aunt deconstructed the entire dress and dyed the pieces to match a couple days before the wedding and—much to Lauri’s delight—the wedding dress was perfect.

So perfect was the dress, tears fell from Mike’s face as he saw his bride for the first time. He choked sobs of joy and contentment as Lauri walked toward him, looking radiant and proudly beaming. The girl he met in college, the girl who stole his heart, the girl who makes him laugh, was the same girl walking toward him in a white dress. The perfect white dress.

The entire day was abuzz with happiness and rounds of lemoncello delight. Lauri and Mike spent the afternoon in each others’ arms and looked at each other only the way soul mates can. A look that pierces silence, the soul, and heart.

Lauri and Mike, thank you for inviting JD and me to experience your wedding—yes, truly experience your families, Philadelphia, and the love you both share. We were treated so well and felt like extended family member…thank you! I hope you’re enjoying the Mexican Riviera…there’s nothing like sipping on a frosted drink, on the beach, next to the person you love! Much Love and Appreciation…J*

While the girls were preparing at Lauri’s house…

…JD was off with Mike and his father at the church…

I can’t really remember, but I think Lauri may have been laughing at me when the priest motioned for me to sit down…as in, he lifted his hand at me and flicked it down a few times, as if motioning for me to turn off the hallway light. Bewildered, I sat down. East Coast priest don’t play around with the Gospel! 🙂

The precious flower girl ready to ring in the newly married couple…

One thing I love about destination weddings is that I’m able to photograph in environments I’m not usually exposed to here in Orange County. Lauri made mention that Blue Bell, PA may not have as many backdrop choices as Southern California and I replied, You’re Crazy! 🙂 JD and I loved shooting around the grounds of Byers Choice!

JD captured this shot…

When Lauri said she was willing to lay on the ground for pictures, I knew we were a perfect match! 🙂 On a sidenote, the dress was not damaged or ruined by laying down and I think Lauri and Mike look ultra fab!

A lemoncello bar…

The reception was held at Normandy Farm, and the reception hall is actually a refurbished silo…tres chic, no? 🙂

The First Dance…

And the reception would not be complete without an homage to Lauri and Mike’s Italian heritage by singing That’s Amore!

To view more of their wedding photos, CLICK HERE for a slideshow!

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  1. nena -

    Goodie! I have been waiting all week for this wedding to be posted! And I wasn’t disappointed! Awesome as usual! =-)

      8.22.08 - 10:20 pm

  2. Shawn Kloster -

    The usual from here from you Jasmine! Stellar coverage. And WOW… What an incredibly/beautifully lit church!

      8.22.08 - 10:53 pm

  3. Catie -

    Rockin’ it as usual! Lovely photos! 🙂

      8.22.08 - 10:57 pm

  4. B -

    My favorite one is when she is in the fields with the veil slightly covering her face. Very mystique!

      8.22.08 - 10:57 pm

  5. Michelle -

    Absolutely gorgeous! Love the field shots!

      8.22.08 - 11:00 pm

  6. Cathy -

    You gotta love those perfect poofy cloud days! Loving the portraits in the field 🙂

      8.22.08 - 11:14 pm

  7. Bobbie -

    Ooooohhhhh! LOVE all those lush green backgrounds! LOVE the field – especially the shot of the bride. Fab-u-las job again!

      8.22.08 - 11:14 pm

  8. Holli True -

    Jasmine, you are so amazing! I love the way you tell the story of their day with vivid details. Your posts make me feel like I was there and that I know them, roo. Your work is breathtaking and your ability to draw people in is just amazing! You rock!!

      8.22.08 - 11:20 pm

  9. Tira J -

    Oh Jasmine! These are so beautiful!

      8.22.08 - 11:39 pm

  10. katelin -

    i love the pictures in the field, they’re gorgeous!

      8.22.08 - 11:50 pm

  11. Katie -

    Yes! I made the blog!!! haha. You did such an AWESOME job of capturing Lauri and Mikey’s wedding. It was such a fun and love filled day. I love the shot of Lauri cheering at the reception! So cute!!! YAY FOR LAURI AND MIKEY!!!

      8.23.08 - 12:22 am

  12. Kenny Kim -

    Hey that photoshoot and the Normandy Farm reception hall – is the same location I shot at! Small world! 🙂

      8.23.08 - 12:23 am

  13. Tanya Jose -

    beautiful beautiful…everything is just gorgeous!! and how awesome that her dress got fixed as she wanted it.

      8.23.08 - 1:17 am

  14. ashley o. -

    i came to your website hoping, craving, a wedding post.. and boy did you deliver! absolutely stunning, as always :c) ps. the laying in the field shots are *amazing*

      8.23.08 - 1:18 am

  15. Isabel -

    YAY! I’ve been waiting all week with baited breath for these! They came out fantabulous! Yay Laurie and Mike! Yay Jasmine!

      8.23.08 - 1:21 am

  16. joshua k -

    Beautiful & lovely shots 🙂

      8.23.08 - 1:29 am

  17. *B* -

    I love how sharp your photos are!

      8.23.08 - 1:43 am

  18. Alissa -

    These are absolutely gorgeous! I’m happy that after blog stalking for more than a year, I now appear on your blog! 🙂

      8.23.08 - 2:11 am

  19. cassandra m -

    The shots in the field are my favorites, but they all are amazing. her dress was "perfect"…like her day, i’m sure….Best wishes to Lauri & Mike!

      8.23.08 - 2:37 am

  20. Luis -

    Hi Jazmin mi name is Luis im from mexico, im a student of photograpy and just want to tell you that love your photos they are beautiful congrats! p.s. sorry for my bad english!! 🙂

      8.23.08 - 2:39 am

  21. Rhonda -

    jasmine, I’ve always meant to tell you, that your blog posts are my favorite of the hundreds of photography blogs to which i subscribe. I actually READ yours, rather than just look at the images. You are a great writer, who really makes me feel the emotion of the day! love your work!

      8.23.08 - 3:22 am

  22. Chris Enzaldo -

    Amazing. Sweet limoncello set-up! I’m totally being inspired by lemons and limes arrangement. Also, are those geniune ostrich shoes he has on the in the last image? Sweeeeet!! Guy know style.

      8.23.08 - 3:38 am

  23. Cathy Crawley -

    Lauri look so darn fabulous, which I knew she would. I’ve actually been hanging out for this wedding since WPPI and you did her engagement. She is a beautiful person and you captured her and Mikey’s love perfectly. Don’t photographers make great clients! She’s going go love these 😉

      8.23.08 - 4:31 am

  24. joyful weddings and events -

    Those outdoor pics are so lush! Love them! And I love the limoncello bar!

      8.23.08 - 4:43 am

  25. kymberli q. -

    The fields with the veil – awesome!! Great work again! We’re shooting a wedding at a farm/barn this weekend too! So excited!

      8.23.08 - 5:07 am

  26. Steve Tout -

    This set is absolutely gorgeous! Where do you find the time to do this kind of work?! 🙂

      8.23.08 - 5:56 am

  27. Allebach Photography -

    Hey! We shot at Normandy Farms last year. You probably almost past our house on your way back from Normandy Farms. Great idea for taking photos at Buyers Choice…although the kid statues are a little creepy (if they still have them there).

      8.23.08 - 6:01 am

  28. Chris -

    Hey Jasmine! First of all I’m super stoked to be shooting Jason and Kara’s wedding (I thank YOU for that), and second of all I respect the fact that there is no advertising on your site. Just yummy photographic goodness.

      8.23.08 - 6:50 am

  29. Robin Dini -

    are you kidding me!? those shots in the field are awesome! can’t wait to finally meet you Monday. Welcome to the East Coast 🙂

      8.23.08 - 7:24 am

  30. Marianne Wilson Photography -

    Love them! The field is amazing.

      8.23.08 - 9:20 am

  31. Lauri & Mikey -

    OH MY GOSH JASMINE. You are completely amazing! We cannot stop smiling, these are just soooo perfect!! You have given us the best gift with these beautiful memories you and JD captured for us – THANK YOU!!! Wow. Wow. We just keep watching the slideshow over and over and we can’t wait to get down the shore today and show our whole family! 🙂 They are going to LOVE them. Thank you so so much. These are more beautiful than we ever could have imagined, it’s like reliving the entire day. 🙂 love and hugs ~ lauri & mikey 🙂 🙂

      8.23.08 - 12:14 pm

  32. Melissa -

    Fantastic photos Jasmine! What a beautiful couple! I love the shots in the field.

      8.23.08 - 1:12 pm

  33. jacqueline fronters -

    These are simply amazing photos. You truly have a gift of photography!

      8.23.08 - 3:08 pm

  34. Allegra -

    I have loved looking at your work for over a year now. Those pictures in the field are UNREAL!

      8.23.08 - 3:35 pm

  35. Kira -

    The pictures are beautiful. Thanks for capturing how happy Lauri and Mikey looked at their wedding!!!

      8.23.08 - 4:24 pm

  36. Stacey -

    Jasmine, I love your blog and was so excited to see a Philly wedding! I’m local to Byers Choice and have been looking for a location for my wedding photos – the location is great! Love the field shots – would you mind sharing if they were also at Byers or at Normandy? Thanks!

      8.23.08 - 4:30 pm

  37. Charise -

    Not that I dont enjoy hearing about the tour adventures, BUT, Im so excited to see some of your work again! 🙂 Awesome work, I just adore the shots in the field. Way to rock it!

      8.23.08 - 5:57 pm

  38. ohana photographers -

    just gorgeous j!

      8.23.08 - 6:14 pm

  39. AaronofAHS -

    those field shots are off the hook

      8.23.08 - 7:34 pm

  40. kimberlee -

    ooh i LOVE the shot of her lying down w/ the flowers. gorgeous and totally fab!

      8.23.08 - 8:25 pm

  41. Gina Leigh -

    What a gorgeous wedding…and DRESS! The bride laughing while the priest…assertively…hands out his hand gesturing leads me to a question. Would you mind sharing a little about when you do or don’t (and how!) break protocol in the ceremony in order to get the shot. I’m especially thinking of larger cathedral style ceremonies, especially when the church has policies about staying a certain distance away or on the balcony. Do you hide a second shooter as a guest??? Any suggestions would be much appreciated! As usual, your work is absolutely stunning. 🙂

      8.24.08 - 3:39 am

  42. Amy -

    I love the diversity of this shoot. Awesome awesome!

      8.24.08 - 4:04 am

  43. tish -

    gorgeous outdoor shots! and mike’s dancing shoes matching the bridesmaid’s dresses…fun!

      8.24.08 - 5:04 am

  44. vanessa H -

    great wedding!! my favs are the ones in the field!!!! love the camera too!!!!

      8.24.08 - 3:31 pm

  45. Anne -

    wow.. i love how you captured their wedding… you are so talented. Love your story and how you made it in the business in such a short time! you are truly a role model for me.. if i gonna make it even just half as far as you, i will be the happiest person ever! greetings anne

      8.24.08 - 4:31 pm

  46. Jasmin -

    First off, love, love the shots in the field. GORGEOUS!
    Secondly, soooo true! East coast priests definitely do not mess around when it comes to the business of the Lord! LOL!
    Finally, see you tomorrow! I am so excited about seeing you and DJ speak in NY! 🙂

      8.24.08 - 5:44 pm

  47. Furious Photographers -

    I’m so glad her dress was not ruined. A few weeks ago, one of our brides wanted to walk through a vineyard for pictures…The pictures looked great, but not her dress. 🙁 Anyway, awesome pictures!

      8.24.08 - 6:49 pm

  48. Tunji Sarumi -

    WOW… Thats all I have to say.

      8.24.08 - 7:00 pm

  49. Jackie L. -

    What a fun couple! Good luck in NY!

      8.25.08 - 1:06 am

  50. Kristen Drufke -

    All the pictures are amazing! I love the reception shots. I was wondering if you used any flash at the reception location? The pictures look perfect. Keep up the great photography.

      8.25.08 - 3:25 am

  51. Trista Lerit -

    Without a doubt..the ones in the field are my FAVS! Love it!

      8.25.08 - 6:03 am

  52. Kris Leigh -

    Awww, what an awesome wedding dress story! She will be recanting that to her grandchildren one day I’m sure 🙂 All these images are gorgeous but the field ones are just beyond stunning! 🙂

      8.25.08 - 10:13 am

  53. Fabuluxe Photos -

    Amazing. Everything so sharp, beautiful and fresh as always. By the way, what light do you use ???

      8.25.08 - 11:02 am

  54. Amy Watson -

    Gorgeous as always!

      8.25.08 - 12:11 pm

  55. Adrienne -

    What a beautiful wedding! It must have been so fun to shoot in PA. That field of flowers is amazing and I especially love the shot of the bride laying amongst the blooms!

      8.25.08 - 5:31 pm

  56. Paper Monkey -

    I love the shots in the open field. The sky is stunning and the poses laying down are genius! Great job!

      8.25.08 - 10:55 pm

  57. jackie wonders -

    the open field shots definitely belong in the published world, for sure. gorgeous…

      8.25.08 - 11:13 pm

  58. Matt Hall -

    I totally love the field and sky shots!!! Great job Jasmine!

      8.27.08 - 4:31 pm

  59. Matt Hall -

    Oh, one more comment. What lens did you use in the field/sky shot?

      8.27.08 - 4:33 pm

  60. j. shipley -

    i LOVE the meadow shots. nice work.

      8.27.08 - 9:27 pm

  61. Onsite Minnesota, Minneapolis -

    What a beautiful reception! The last picture of the singing is my favorite.

      8.28.08 - 3:30 am

  62. mike larson -

    haha the singing one is hilarious, i love that shot! the shot of her laying down in the grass is stellar Jasmine…

      8.28.08 - 2:39 pm

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