Life in the Bathroom


What…are…you…dooooing? I posed this incredulous question to JD as he marched to our bathroom with a beautiful floral arrangement. He flashed me a look that that made me second-guess my own question. No, really, what are you doing?! JD spoke over his right shoulder as he told me he was placing the flowers in the bathroom.

Obviously. I mean, doesn’t EVERYONE place a floral arrangement where he brushes his teeth and shaves? Obviously.

I begged him to place the flowers in the living room, where they can be seen and lighten our environment. He wasn’t having it. No, no, flowers should be seen in random places to serve as a reminder of surprised spurts of happiness.

Okay. So who could argue with that?!

That’s where JD and I are so different. I want everything on the outside, and he…well…he prefers splendor of the inside kind. Beauty found in crevices and cracks. He lives life looking—and finding—the random bouquets in a person’s petite bathroom. I love him for that and need to try living my life outside the confines of my proverbial living room…and see life’s spurts of happiness.

Happy Tuesday!