Little Faith


A few days ago, I mentioned on the internet I worried about the rain affecting a photoshoot I had in store. Oh, and wouldn’t you know, people from all ends of the wet lands across the world were all, You should see the rain I HAVE TO DEAL WITH ON A NORMAL BASIS! I highly suspect these are the same people who tell their kids they walked to school through snow-covered Appalachian Mountains…barefoot…selling icicles…playing their frozen flute, but my heart does go out to them.

While I realize I don’t deal with rain too often, I have photographed weddings in it and everything is fine. I, however, would like to point out that what was happening here in Maui wasn’t rain. I suspect it was the wrath of Hawaiian water gods. Rain wasn’t falling as much as it was being thrusted side to side like hoses. Roads were closed and entire highways flooded, Internet. It was legit, even for this SoCal girl.

I woke up yesterday morning and ran out to the veranda…it was raining, but the sun was breaking through the clouds. We arranged to shoot earlier than expected because of the delicate weather and the best news is that we missed most the rain. Sure, we did caught a couple times in showers, but Karen and Isaac took everything in stride. I guess you could say my clients are the type of people who’d insist on playing their frozen flutes regardless of what life threw their way.

Happy Friday!