Look! At! This!


There were a couple days this week when I felt like I was running so fast I left a portion of my body elsewhere. Moments when overdrive seemed like a welcomed break from lightspeed. Yesterday, after spending most of the afternoon in a meeting, I returned to my computer to finish my To-Do List. If it were up to JD, he’d set my List to a stake and dance around the firepit while it burned to ashes. He hates my List and, well, I love it. Perhaps a little too much.

As I was working, JD came up beside me and said I needed to take a break. To get away from my mouse and instead use my finger to point at things—like the sun! the sky! the clouds!—as opposed to navigating a cursor on a large, glowing screen. Nah, I said. Couldn’t he see my List? And all the things on it that were SUPPOSED TO BE COMPLETED TODAY?

Then he said something that made me laugh so hard. You need to celebrate life. Just like that. His tone was like some Vote Or Die campaign, complete with a somber face and squinted eyes. And when asked just how, exactly, we’d celebrate life, he responded, With Thai food and the last bit of the Dodgers game, of course!

It was over yellow curry and pad thai when I realized JD might have been right. Okay, okay, he was right. Life is about walking away from what I think should be done, and doing what could be done. At lunch, we toasted with our glasses of water and I used my finger to point at things that mattered—like the curry! the tom yum kah! the Joe Torre!—instead of navigating a computer screen.

I’m off to shoot a fun wedding, but here’s a sneak peek of what’s in store next week…

Happy Saturday!