Martha and Joaquin : Day After


Romance helps. It does. Roses, sweet nothings, boxes of chocolate. Physical attraction helps too. His brown eyes, her smile, his lips. But what holds everything together is laughter. It’s the glue that holds the thousand-piece Love Puzzle together and keeps it intact for many years to come. By the looks of things, Joaquin and Martha will be together for a long time.

After dating close to nine years, Martha and Joaquin married last October and started their Happily Ever After. Life is flying–he’s studying for the bar exam, and she’s working on her amazing career–but they’ve remained by each others’ sides laughing the entire time. With just a few words, Joaquin has Martha in stitches and her laughter eggs him on even more. They’re a wonderful match.

I was honored with Martha contacted me to shoot their Day After session in Laguna Beach, the location where Joaquin proposed to Martha. Here are a few of my favorites…

A special thanks goes to Nicole DeAnne for doing a wonderful job with Martha’s hair and makeup…

To see more of their Day After Session, CLICK HERE for a slideshow!