Melissa and Jackson : Wedding


Their day was filled with a potpourri of personal touches. Melissa wanted to ensure guests were brimming with a sense of connection with her and Jackson. As she finished dressing, Melissa heard Jackson’s booming laughter from the hedged rose garden and tried to gain a sneak peek of her groom waiting for her. Just being around him, Melissa said to her bridesmaids, will make my day so much better!!

For their First Look, Melissa asked her father to escort her down to see Jackson. When they saw each other, Melissa wilted away from her father’s arms and into those of her future husband. Her father took a step back and watched from a slight distance with pride, happiness, and a twinge of melancholy…letting go, both physically and emotionally, can often be difficult. However, sadness can easily be replaced with pure joy seeing two people so in love.

Melissa and Jackson, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your day. It was beautiful in so many ways and I truly felt connected to your love. Thank you for continuously thinking of JD and me as one of your guests…your kindness did not go unnoticed! Have fun in Maui…and get a tan for me!! Much Love and Appreciation…J*

I loved Melissa’s Maggie Sottero wedding dress~

Melissa asked for the First Look to be just her, her father and Jackson, but her friends and family found a clever way to still be in on the action! 🙂

They had some of the funniest toasts ever!

I dubbed this guy Sir Smilealot…Keeper of the Dancefloor 😉

To see more of their wedding, CLICK HERE for a slideshow!

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  1. Mark Brooke

    October 30th, 2007 at 8:53 pm

    Absolutely Fantastical! Do you try and talk your bride into seeing each other before the ceremony?

  2. ray santana

    October 30th, 2007 at 8:54 pm

    Nice job as always J*

  3. Jeanette

    October 30th, 2007 at 9:17 pm

    Darn…I wasn’t the first one to comment…I tried so hard Mel!!
    Jasmine you did a fabulous job as always!! You totally captured Melissa’s beauty, witty & joyous character!!! Melissa you look absolutely STUNNING!!! Can’t wait to hear all the indepth details of the wedding AND honeymoon!! Ü Love the slideshow!!!

  4. Jasmine*

    October 30th, 2007 at 9:18 pm

    Hi Mark! Yes, I always encourage my brides to see their grooms before the ceremony. It’s such a moving, beautiful, and private moment. It allows brides to soak up the emotion and enjoy the rest of the day. Also, it allows for the types of pictures they want. It’s hard to cram all the formal shots in after the ceremony and makes for a rushed feeling of cumpulsion. Especially for spring and fall weddings, I heavily suggest seeing each other before. I saw my groom before the ceremony and I wouldn’t have dreamed of doing it any other way! 🙂

  5. cathy

    October 30th, 2007 at 9:41 pm

    these are STUNNING!!!!

  6. Rachel Brooke

    October 30th, 2007 at 9:48 pm

    When I look at your pictures I feel like I know these people. Thats the sign of a GOOD photographer cause it means you truly capture the essence of your clients!

  7. Tanya Perez

    October 30th, 2007 at 10:10 pm


  8. Shelly

    October 30th, 2007 at 10:11 pm

    Beautiful Jasmine! I had so much fun at this wedding:) Thanks for taking the time to talk to me at the end.

  9. ksen :)

    October 30th, 2007 at 10:37 pm

    BEAUTIFUL work as always jasmine!!! love the expressions during the toasts. 😀 (ps. when i tried to view the slideshow, it went straight to your website instead?! i tried a couple times… could just be my computer but I thought i’d let you know!)

  10. kerri mcconnell

    October 30th, 2007 at 10:55 pm

    awesome! love the idea of having her dad be there when they saw each other. 🙂

  11. brianna

    October 30th, 2007 at 11:05 pm

    jazzy, you linked your website instead of their slideshow….

  12. Julie Cohen

    October 30th, 2007 at 11:08 pm

    Jasmine – I especially love the one of the bouquet in front of the brown window – gorgeous!

  13. Jennifer

    October 30th, 2007 at 11:52 pm

    Ohhh, my gosh. I’m so close to coming to where you are to stalk you and suck creativity right out of you! (so kidding.) These are SO fabulous. Love them all…but what sticks out most is the flower shot and the one of her looking at him. Aughhh…you are so blessed with an amazing talent. You go girl!

  14. Jasmine*

    October 31st, 2007 at 12:39 am

    Thanks for the info regarding the slideshow…I fixed the link! 🙂

  15. Jennifer Elaine

    October 31st, 2007 at 12:41 am

    I love the picture of them seeing each other for the first time…its so romantic!

  16. nicole green

    October 31st, 2007 at 1:03 am

    beautiful 🙂 i am in love with her dress!

  17. Simply Modern Weddings

    October 31st, 2007 at 1:56 am

    love the reveal shoot…and the story to match! Great job!!

  18. cassandra m

    October 31st, 2007 at 2:08 am

    jaz, one of my favorites…the bouquet shot…LOVE IT! these are fantastic and wow how you captured their emotions. they look very happy & very much in love. great job as always girl!

  19. david baxter

    October 31st, 2007 at 2:37 am

    the bouquet shot…TO DIE FOR!!

  20. paula

    October 31st, 2007 at 3:32 am

    hi jasmine! i’m a regular blog-stalker. i have a silly but practical question: what shoes, as a photographer, do you suggest/wear that are functional, cute, and comfortable?

  21. Stacy Cross

    October 31st, 2007 at 3:49 am

    Absolutely wonderful! I love the series of 3 pics you caught of their reactions to the toasts – thoses are such real, candid, joyful moments!

  22. Melissa Jill :)

    October 31st, 2007 at 5:22 am

    Hey Jasmine–LOVE the bouquet shot and the one underneath it! Great job!!

  23. Korey

    October 31st, 2007 at 3:33 pm

    I love the black and white one on the couch with the beautiful window light!! These are so creative and beautiful!

  24. Korey

    October 31st, 2007 at 3:39 pm

    Oh and I forgot to add that your written description made me cry. I am scared for that moment!

  25. Amy Martin

    October 31st, 2007 at 4:44 pm

    Looove that flower shot! The toast shots are great too!

  26. Melissa Koehler

    October 31st, 2007 at 6:12 pm

    Awesome shots. Love the dress and bouquet shot!

  27. erikalaisphotoblog

    October 31st, 2007 at 6:37 pm

    Hi J*, Iloverd her red shoes … and the bouquet’ shoot!!! Great!!!!

  28. Emily DeWan

    November 1st, 2007 at 6:03 am

    I love all the emotion! And that’s an awesome dress shot.

  29. erikalaisphotoblog

    November 1st, 2007 at 10:04 am

    Oh, I think the red shoes are the same he has uded inher engajement session …

  30. Ana Gabriela

    November 1st, 2007 at 4:37 pm

    quick question… Indoors, what kind of flash do you use?

  31. Jasmine*

    November 1st, 2007 at 4:44 pm

    Hi Ana! I use Canon 580EX flash 🙂

  32. Desiree Hayes

    November 1st, 2007 at 11:25 pm

    Beautiful! I love the emotion you capture. The Sir Smilealot pic CRACKS me up! You are a hoot.

  33. marie moyers

    November 2nd, 2007 at 2:09 am

    Success is largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go.

  34. Kelsey Horner

    April 25th, 2008 at 3:40 pm

    Your photos are so wonderful. Really, they are. It makes me happy to see that you really love what you do. That’s not what spurred me to write a comment, though. I wanted to say that I really love the 8th and 12th photos from this shoot. They’re beautiful.

  35. kay english

    July 29th, 2009 at 6:42 pm

    lol cute! Do you often shoot weddings in the same place?

  36. Dalton Clements

    September 17th, 2015 at 3:09 am

    Another great set!