Melissa and Josh : Wedding


There was a hustle and bustle outside of the hotel. Luxury European cars honked and the valet ran back and forth with flurry, but the blue sky and warm sea breeze had a calming effect on the waiting patrons. Located on Santa Monica beach, Shutters on the Beach is a nod to classic Americana and is one of the busiest hotels in Los Angeles, but—tucked away in her parents’ room—Melissa sat calmly on the elevated bed and laughed alongside her best friends. With her small feet dangling over the calico bedspread, her makeup artist applied the finishing touches and Melissa’s bridesmaids cooed in approval.

Melissa and Josh spent months meticulously planning their wedding day, but few would realize how many more layers were involved with the process. The ceremony—officiated by Josh’s father—was beautiful and their words ebbed and flowed with the sound of each crashing wave as they stood on the veranda. During the reception, Melissa’s step-father toasted the couple and explained that the wedding was so much more poignant because there was a time when they questioned whether it would ever arrive. Because of many serious health complications, Melissa was only 14 when she doubted she’d even go to college, much less marry the man of her dreams. There, in the opulent Shutters ballroom, she sat next Josh and cried tears of joy. Glasses were raised in honor of health. In honor of commitment. In honor of love.

Melissa and Josh, I know you don’t doubt how much JD and I loved being with you on your special day. We laughed with your friends and we cried right along with you (okay, okay…I’m the only one who cried!). Your thoughtfulness and generosity did not go unnoticed and we were stoked to be there with you. And I have to say that your families and friends were the absolute funnest to be around…the dancefloor was packed even before the salad was served or the toasts delivered…so awesome! Have fun on your honeymoon and I can’t wait to catch up when you return! Much Love and Appreciation…J*

JD caught this cool picture…

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