Merry Christmas


Yesterday my family gathered for a Christmas Eve Eve dinner at my parents’ home. When JD, Polo, and I arrived, the house was warm and the air thick with the scents of plantains, rice, beans, and a plethora of other Puerto Rican entrees. My youngest sister, Zoe Belle, invited the family for a home cooked meal to celebrate the year coming to a close. And to also remember my grandmother’s legacy. Though no one mentioned it, we celebrated her life and relived her memories with every spoonful of food. And, believe me, there was food. Tons of it.

The sounds of latin music danced through the air and we all laughed, yelled, and as we spoke over each other, there was love. Lots and lots of love. It’s a night I never want to forget because life is short and in a blink everything can change. In that moment–ice clinking in glasses, the black beans resting happily on the white rice, and my father’s reluctance at wearing a shirt to the dinner table (Iss ah free kuntree…why muss I wear a shirt?!)–I was happy. So incredibly happy.

Merry Christmas, Internet. JD and I wish you happiness, love, and joy during this holiday season!