Michigan, In a Series of Squares


There are times when pictures say more than words. I plan to thoroughly blog about my trip to Michigan and the epic time we had with Amy and David Wenzel, but I didn’t take my professional camera so I fear I don’t have the fanciest of photos to display. I did, however, take my point and shoot camera to document our days in order to help me remember just how beautiful life is. Because it is. Beautiful.

JD teaching me how to play poker with pretzels on our way to Grand Rapids.
Grand Rapids was heavenly.
I used the coster on the left, and David used the one on the right.
Experiencing David’s new vegan and juicing lifestyle with a mix of beets, apples, carrots, and oranges.
Driving to Lansing, Michigan.
Presenting at MTPPA.
We’re excited to visit Lake Michigan for the first time in our lives.
Amy and JD run toward the beach.
David documenting JD first experience with the icy water.
Blatant self promotion.
Amy doing what she does best.
Synchronized swimming. Sorta.
Trying–and failing–at a cooler version of happiness.
Jump David Jump.