My New Baby : 50mm, 1.2


So it finally happened. I did it.

After much research and trepidation, I decided to buy the 50mm, 1.2.


I bought it just in time for an engagement session last week and I cannot express HOW PERFECT it was! Theoretically—after all the research I did—the 1.2 and the 1.4 shouldn’t be so different (and the 1.4 has performed better in focus tests), but it is. It so is!

When I post the engagement session in the next couple of days (I’ve been sick, so I’ve taken some time off), I’ll talk more about the insanity of this lens. It’s gorgeous, amazing, and oh-so-buttery. I shot almost the entire session with this lens and if I was forced to shoot an entire wedding on one lens, this is it!

Here’s a picture of my new baby…isn’t she HOT?!

I’m off to spend the day with a few friends in San Diego and enjoy this beautiful day…Happy Sunday!