Nancy and David : Engagement


They speak softly to each other. As if each word is accentuated with a pillow and an Egyptian cotton duvet. That kind of soft.

As they stroll through the grassy knolls of the UC Irvine campus, David gently places his hand on the small of Nancy’s back and guides her along the red earth path. She looks up and bashfully laughs, tilting her head into his chest. Then they speak softly to each other.

They met in college—in an Earth Science class they both dreaded—and haven’t left each other since…two people finding love somewhere nestled between the chapters on the Mohorovivic Discontinuity and Clayey Dolomite. Deciding to visit the root of their love, Nancy and David requested their engagement session walking through their alma mater. Along the same paths they traversed together just a few years ago, they held hands, kissed, and laughed together. And spoke softly. Egyptian cotton soft. Nancy and David’s interaction—between themselves as well as outsiders—is a testament of their love. Often times it is believed the one with the loudest voice, the strongest opinion, will be heard…but their devotion and strength seems to stem from a docile part of their soul, inviting onlookers to partake in the joy they both share. Gently, happily, and softly.

I’m truly happy to be a part of their wedding day in June!

Here are a few of my favorites…

Chuck Taylor Lovin’

The man behind the bling! 😉

To see more of their engagement session, CLICK HERE for a slideshow!