Nancy and James : Engagement


They fell in love over drugs.

Nancy and James met while in pharmaceutical school and studied chemistry…while simultaneously creating some of their own. They met when Nancy pledged the same fraternity James was a part of and though a year her senior, James was determined to make their relationship survive. After graduation, while Nancy was finishing her final year, James transferred from Northern California to Santa Barbara. They both worked hard at making their relationship flourish despite the distance and it paid off.

As their shoes left soft marks on the freshly waxed floor of Los Angeles Union Station, they walked through the loose crowds rushing to their departing train. The muffled sounds of trains in the distance floated through the concave waiting area, but they—being thoroughly enraptured with each other—appeared to hear none of it. Instead, they fell into each other’s arms and lazed in the sunset light bucketing through the circular windows overhead. Nancy and James share a love that is disseminated to those around, only in a slightly lesser amount, rightly reserving the crème de la crème for each other…sort of like saving the cake cherry for later.

Nancy and James are thoughtful, considerate, kind, and embracive to those who cross their path and I hope I captured a sliver of their glowing personalities during their engagement session. They have a gala of a day planned at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion this July and I’m so excited to be a part of their lavish affair!

Here are a few of my favorites…

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