Naomi and Steven : Engagement


The first time she saw him, he had a guitar slung around his neck. Ooooh, dreamy. Naomi and Steven met at church in their high school youth group, and quickly became friends. The first day Steven saw Naomi, he said she had something about her. Something different. Something that pulled him in by way of her endless energy, beauty, and laughter. As a junior in high school, he remembered thinking to himself, Wow, whoever goes out with her is going to be one lucky guy. Steven continued to sling the guitar around his neck and quietly woo Naomi from a distance.

During Naomi’s freshman year of college at Berkeley, she realized she cared deeply for Steven, and the feelings were mutual. Eight and half years ago, Steven sent Naomi a plane ticket to Los Angeles and spent the weekend together. On a sunset beach in Santa Monica, two teenagers decided to make their relationship official and face whatever life brought their way. Together. Though they’ve dated long distance–California, North Carolina, Hawaii, and Flordia–for what seems like forever, this February they’ll finally share the same roof, bed, and heart.

I’m quite excited for Naomi and Steven’s wedding at Rancho Las Lomas as I know it’ll be a truly fabulous day that reflects their love! We met for their engagement session at the same beach in Santa Monica where they’re relationship began and had a blast…

It has been raining for a few days straight, so Naomi was prepared for the Santa Monica sprinkles!

Naomi, you look so fierce….AND YOU KNOW IT! 🙂

Naomi would randomly start dancing and jumping like a cheerleader and Steven just stands back and laughs…

Here’s Naomi showing off her cool moves…don’t hate me, Naomi! 😉

To view more of their engagement session, CLICK HERE for a slideshow!