New York Portraits : Jenny Sun : Anytime

New York Portraits : Jenny Sun : Anytime


We met in Sydney, Australia. At The Workshop to be precise. She immediately struck me with her kind disposition and her ability to connect with so many people at once. Jenny was quietly outgoing and embraced everyone who surrounded her, encouraging friends and peers alike. At the end of The Workshop, she told me she planned to visit the United States soon and she wanted to schedule an Anytime session.

Fast forward to two weeks ago: I received an email from Jenny Sun and she proposed flying me to New York for her photo session. Yes, it was short notice and I had to rearrange a few things, but this type of adventure is how I want to build my life. To have the ability to pick up and go. And live.

Jenny, you are amazing. Times seven. To the tenth power. Thank you SO much for sharing your life with me. You’re incredibly talented and changing the photo world in Australia, but–more than that–you’re an even better person. I can’t thank you enough for allowing me to capture your essence in the Big Apple.

Okay, for the record, it was freeeeezing. As in I wore a sweater, two jackets, and gloves. But Jenny was fully committed to getting the type of photos she wanted….a girl after my own heart!

One thing I didn’t expect shooting in New York City was the most insane and beautiful reflected light coming from nearby buildings. I seriously could shoot in that light, on that street, in that weather, and never get tired of it. Ever.

To thaw Jenny for a bit, we walked into a nearby cafe and ordered warmth in a cup…

After a quick change, we headed out into the streets again…

I love urban settings and grit….couple this with good light, and I’m in photo heaven.

Here’s Jenny making a parking garage look pretty…

Here’s Jenny thinking I’m hilarious…I mean, com’on…I really am.

Many, many thanks to Amanda Nistor of Ruffled Blog (to the left of Jenny) for being a wonderful guide, stylist, and overall fab support, and Michelle of Makeup by Michelle for a wonderful job on hair and makeup. Lastly, thank you, Jenny, for being so fabulous.

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Christina Sloan -

    How exciting… I get to go to NYC soon. I cannot wait!

      2.23.10 - 7:28 pm

  2. Lawrence Chan @tofurious -

    I believe in the same thing – "To have the ability to pick up and go. And live."

      2.23.10 - 7:33 pm

  3. Marissa Rodriguez -

    She is adorable! LOVE her outfits! So cool that you got to go to NY last minute, sounds amazing!

      2.23.10 - 7:34 pm

  4. punam bean -


      2.23.10 - 7:34 pm

  5. Catie Ronquillo -

    All kinds of NYC fabulousness!

      2.23.10 - 7:43 pm

  6. Valerie -

    It’s great that this session was done in New York. Last time I was there I wondered what Jasmine Star would come up with, with so much stimulus around. They are fabulous!

      2.23.10 - 7:45 pm

  7. megmanionsilliker -

    happiness in nyc what could be better! great session!

      2.23.10 - 7:47 pm

  8. Alicia Swedenborg -

    Love the first outfit. Want it. Bad. Jenny – where do you do your shopping??!

    Jasmine – beautiful light! As always. 🙂

      2.23.10 - 7:49 pm

  9. Juli L. -

    Beautiful shots! I absolutely love #8, such great light and so crisp and clean, stunning! 🙂

      2.23.10 - 9:40 pm

  10. Christine Pobke -

    Dang Jenny looks FEROSH! 🙂 And to think I had NO clue in Sydney! 🙂 You girls rock and Jenny looks amazing. Jenny pretty much always looks amazing but Jasmine, you worked your magic and brought out the best in her. Awesome duo, I say, awesome duo. 🙂 MY TURN NEXT!!! 🙂

      2.23.10 - 9:57 pm

  11. Danielle Daigle -

    As always, these are beautiful and inspiring photographs.

      2.23.10 - 9:59 pm

  12. Deyla Huss Photography -

    Jenny!!! this is awesome! Im so glad you got to do this with Jasmine! and Jasmine, these are gorgeous as always!

      2.23.10 - 10:00 pm

  13. Katie -

    OH MY GOSH! Love these so much. NYC must be a fab place to shoot. I met Jenny recently too, and her personality really shines through in these photos. Just gorgeous.

      2.23.10 - 10:10 pm

  14. Leyla -

    I know what you mean about Jenny’s energy. It comes through in every single photo. The photos are totally beautiful, reflect back her personality and the essence of The City! Great Job! =)

      2.23.10 - 10:34 pm

  15. Amanda @ Ruffled -

    the light in these photos is unreal! it was so inspiring seeing you in action.

      2.23.10 - 11:14 pm

  16. Laurie Bracewell -

    Jasmine. Amazing. As always.

      2.23.10 - 11:49 pm

  17. Lisa H. Chang -

    Great job! The last photo in the yellow jacket just glows!

      2.23.10 - 11:54 pm

  18. Evie Perez -

    Oh my word…Jenny is gorgeous and you did an awesome job with this session. I love the idea of her luggage and books, how creative. My hat goes to Jenny for battling the cold and still looking good. Hey you got to do whatever it takes to look beautiful, right?!?!?

      2.24.10 - 12:22 am

  19. Lydia -

    I fell in love with Jenny’s photography and blog after your Australia workshop. I’m so glad she’ll have these awesome pictures of herself to add to them!

      2.24.10 - 12:36 am

  20. Linda Sherrill -

    Now I want you to come take our photos too! Great job! You can just "feel" the fun!

      2.24.10 - 12:47 am

  21. Angela Higgins -

    Helloooo Jenny you look amazing! What an awesome shoot. Great job Jasmine 🙂

      2.24.10 - 1:14 am

  22. andychin -

    Jenny you are Hot! 😀

    Wonderful photos here, Jasmine 🙂

      2.24.10 - 1:22 am

  23. Ginger Murray -

    I so love her coat. And the 2nd to last yellow coat photo is my fave.

      2.24.10 - 2:33 am

  24. J.P. -

    The shots in the yellow coat are a-dorable! I know what you mean about the light in NYC, too! It’s so forgiving it’s ludicrous.

      2.24.10 - 3:04 am

  25. trish -

    Jen & J* this is absolutely fab! Jen you look so incredibly gorgeous in all these pics and Jasmine as usual, you bring out the best and the beautiful in people! xx

      2.24.10 - 3:09 am

  26. Judie Zevack -

    What a fabulous shoot!! I loved it!

      2.24.10 - 3:14 am

  27. -brittany- -

    From coast to coast you can rock it out j*…love these shots! Um, Jenny…if you ever decide to discard this wardrobe..pretty please find me 🙂 You are beautiful and you have a great sense of style!

      2.24.10 - 3:49 am

  28. Jenna -

    I live in NY! I wish I knew you were here would have loved to grab coffee and meet you!

      2.24.10 - 4:00 am

  29. DIA H. -

    Oh…wow…I’m left without words. They are so sharp and the light is amazing! I’ve been following you for months now and you are so inspiring! As a photographer and as a person.

      2.24.10 - 5:20 am

  30. Yadira Laguerre -

    Oh I was hoping there would be a slideshow link at the end. More please! =)

      2.24.10 - 5:29 am

  31. Michelle -

    Jasmine, these are GOREGOUS! From the lighting, to the editing, to the clothes and location…awesome job!

      2.24.10 - 6:08 am

  32. Zelda -

    The yellow jacket/ blue scarf photos are a-ma-zing!

      2.24.10 - 6:46 am

  33. linda geertsen -

    A part of my heart is in New York. I LOVE and adore that place. If only I could package it up nice and neat and place it just outside my door. I’m happy that you discovered your passion of the Concrete Jungle. Jenny is beautiful! Awesome stuff Jasmine.

      2.24.10 - 8:33 am

  34. Heather LaBone -

    Super FAB photos! Love them as always!!!

      2.24.10 - 10:41 am

  35. Linda Truong -

    WOO HOO!! SHE IS LOOKING FIIINNEEEE!! 😉 😉 DanggGgg!!! I’m lost for words!! She worked it good! And you did an awesome job! I love the second last image.. Totally sums her up!! 😀 😀

      2.24.10 - 11:42 am

  36. David Pham -

    Stunning work. Jenny you ROCK GF!!!!!

      2.24.10 - 12:16 pm

  37. Lerissa -

    my FAVORITE is the one with her resting her chin on her fist over the cup of coffee!! Such a sweet, soulful smile…LOVE it!

      2.24.10 - 12:43 pm

  38. Stephanie Stewart -

    Totally see why and how you "got it" while in NYC. Love these!!!

      2.24.10 - 12:44 pm

  39. Grace Tan -

    Wow so exciting to see 2 friends of mine featured on your blog! Fiona Lim and now Jenny Sun! Jenny looks gorgeous! Now, where’s her husband Ju? 🙂

      2.24.10 - 12:45 pm

  40. Oz -

    Beautiful photos!
    The shot in the cafe is my absolute favorite; simple and elegant.
    Great depth of field on the shots above the cafe ones. What type of lens did you use on those shots? I’m on the hunt for a lens to take some portraits and such. Right now i’m thinking 50mm f1.2
    Any suggestions?

      2.24.10 - 1:57 pm

  41. heidi -

    nyc…so would love to get there and shoot. did you ever stop clicking that shutter? i bet you had a gazillion images to pour over ’cause these are so beautiful.

    the get up and go thing is so cool…not that i have ever done it, but still, the idea is super cool. one day…:)

      2.24.10 - 2:10 pm

  42. Kelsey -

    These are fantastic! I really need to visit NYC!

      2.24.10 - 2:22 pm

  43. Heather P -

    Stunning shots,she is a beautiful woman,you captured her personality.

      2.24.10 - 2:32 pm

  44. Courtney Matevey -

    Love this. I really need some photos of myself for my site. Maybe this is a whole new side of the business for you! What fun!

      2.24.10 - 2:32 pm

  45. Katie Whitcomb -

    How cute is she!?! I want that ruffled shirt.

      2.24.10 - 2:37 pm

  46. chipgillespie -

    Jasmine, these are fantastic!

    Jenny, you look amazing! I can’t wait to meet you in a couple of weeks!!

      2.24.10 - 2:38 pm

  47. Erica Velasco -

    Super cute! Wow the light was amazing!

      2.24.10 - 2:50 pm

  48. Kelly | Purple Lemon Designs -

    Absolutely gorgeous, J. I LOVE the hair piece in the first few shots…So fab!

      2.24.10 - 3:29 pm

  49. Cristy Cross -

    Of course every single outfit is so adorable, but my favorite are the jeans, and leather jacket. So fabulous are you miss Jenny Sun. I only know you as a fb friend, but you are just as jasmine said, so friendly so I feel like I kinda know you 🙂
    Awesome work Jasmine.

      2.24.10 - 3:38 pm

  50. Julie Cohen -

    Jasmine… let me know if you’d be interested in doing this again — I’m dying for a session like this – and this is the ideal setting… Best, Julie
    p.s. I’m going to WPPI for the first time this year, super excited

      2.24.10 - 3:48 pm

  51. Heather Kincaid -

    Major props to her for being so brave in the freezing weather!! Geesh…
    Such a great session! Love.

      2.24.10 - 4:01 pm

  52. Jessica Riggle -

    So Glad your blog is back online!!
    I was getting worried!!!!

      2.24.10 - 4:04 pm

  53. Katie -

    I LOVE the yellow jacket + scarf photos! These are so beautiful.

      2.24.10 - 4:09 pm

  54. jaleen -

    A guide….smart! I was wondering how you two decided on locations. Love the photos…… always you amaze me!!!!

      2.24.10 - 4:23 pm

  55. jamie delaine -

    you are just so classically consistent.

      2.24.10 - 5:33 pm

  56. Leah -

    Love the yellow jacket photos, gorgeous! I also love that someone just flew you across the country on such short notice!

      2.24.10 - 5:59 pm

  57. nicolenjoli -

    I love that jacket too!!! that color is hard to find- I want it!

      2.24.10 - 6:08 pm

  58. Paige Butcher -

    What great style she has! That first outfit is to die for. Seriously.

      2.24.10 - 6:09 pm

  59. Bobbie Brown -

    Ah! I love your "anytime" shoots and this one is fabulous! I love love love her hair piece!

      2.24.10 - 6:10 pm

  60. feuza -

    that reflective light is yummy, loved Jenns style, all her outfits, and I too want to live life that way, pick up and go

      2.24.10 - 6:52 pm

  61. Amy Neeson -

    Soo lovely to see Jenny Sun on the other side of the lens. Beautiful photos again Jasmine * and oh, how they make me miss New York!!! Well done. I love your work…..xx

      2.24.10 - 6:57 pm

  62. Thomas Lester -

    You make me really want to move back to NYC. I already struggle with this a lot, but seeing a great photo session on the streets of NYC makes me want to be there badly!

    Great session, as usual.

      2.24.10 - 7:09 pm

  63. dorelies -

    Well I#think everything is said. You all did a great job.

      2.24.10 - 7:24 pm

  64. joan.solitario -

    beautiful! Thanks for introducing Jenny! She’s a great photographer!

      2.24.10 - 7:47 pm

  65. Krissy -

    Wonderful as always, Jasmine!

      2.24.10 - 7:58 pm

  66. Kelly Beane -

    pure gorgeousness!

      2.24.10 - 8:32 pm

  67. Leanne Stamatellos -

    Jasmine, I know exactly what you mean about Jenny – her and I have never met. We came close to meeting at The Workshop but we were on separate days. Now we are catching up at wppi and we’ve been chatting about it – she makes you feel like an old friend and I love that. You captured her beautifully and now I can see her wonderful and kind personality even more. See you both at wppi!

      2.24.10 - 9:20 pm

  68. Naomi Dear -

    Jenny! What a lovely surprise to find you on J* blog! You are utterly goegeous & I love the pics. See you when you’re back in Sydney! Beautiful work Jasmine.

      2.24.10 - 9:49 pm

  69. Jonathan Dear -

    Yay! Jenny’s is on Jazz’s blog!! You look amazing Jenny! Can’t wait to hookup when you get back and hear about your travels!

      2.24.10 - 10:21 pm

  70. Brent Pilgrim -

    It’s crazy how even though NYC is so rough, dirty, gritty, it just makes the model (in this case Jenny) pop out of the picture that much more. This turned out awesome!

      2.24.10 - 11:00 pm

  71. Leandra -

    Wow, the light in these IS great! Fantastic job as always. 🙂 Looks like you had fun!

      2.24.10 - 11:04 pm

  72. Trude -

    Looooooving this session, especially with the yellow coat – it really pops! Gorgeous.

      2.24.10 - 11:39 pm

  73. Dee -

    this has to be my favorite shoot of yours. well… maybe one of them. 😉

      2.25.10 - 12:04 am

  74. Marissa -

    These are amazing. Love the light

      2.25.10 - 12:17 am

  75. Angel Pope -

    How DO you do that? Argh! While I love your work to pieces sometimes it frustrates me that I’m not that good!
    Thanks for sharing!

      2.25.10 - 12:21 am

  76. cassandra m -

    the light is BEAUTIFUL…not sure what time of evening, but perfect time to shoot. AWESOME….

      2.25.10 - 12:36 am

  77. brooke bowland -

    i lurve them. do you think you might brush up against me at wppi and share some of your "amazing"…hehe.

      2.25.10 - 12:54 am

  78. Candice Benjamin -

    If you want an amazing downtown backdrop and great reflective light closer to home I REALLY recommend Downtown LA in the financial district. And of course I <3 your work!!!

      2.25.10 - 2:40 am

  79. Holli True -

    Oh, Jenny! You look amazing, girl! 🙂 You are so adorable! I thrilled you were able to make this session happen- I know you must be so excited! Jasmine, you are always a rockstar! 🙂

      2.25.10 - 3:28 am

  80. chandra -

    As an obsessed fan of your blog and work (not like you need a restraining order obsessed, but blog stalker nonetheless…) I am LOVING your photos in a new and different setting. NYC agrees with you girl!

      2.25.10 - 3:36 am

  81. Steve -

    Really nice, Jasmine. I love how that yellow jacket pops in the first few!

      2.25.10 - 4:52 am

  82. Jan -

    I love it!

      2.25.10 - 7:23 am

  83. Krzysztof SerafiDski -

    Topping photos

      2.25.10 - 7:44 am

  84. Paul -

    What an awesome set! So good to see that you and Jenny managed to hook up again! You both so deserve every accolade for not just this set, but for all that you’ve both achieved and inspired in so many others! 🙂

      2.25.10 - 11:23 am

  85. Valerie -

    Wow- tese are really beautiful!! Absolutely love her snese of style! Please come to DC Jasmine!

      2.25.10 - 3:27 pm

  86. amanda thiessen -

    so gorgeous!!

      2.25.10 - 4:35 pm

  87. Laura Zato -

    Jasmine these are Fabulous!

      2.25.10 - 6:40 pm

  88. Amber Paterson -

    I LOVE the book and suit case. Very classy! Were the pictures for anything particular?

      2.25.10 - 7:31 pm

  89. Paola -

    Super fabulous! A few of my faves all put into one: J*, Jenny Sun, & New Yawk! Amazing!

      2.25.10 - 8:45 pm

  90. Evonne Wong -

    OMG, I LOVE Jenny… even though we have met through our blogs only, I feel like I know her already and she is such a sweetheart! I can’t wait to meet her in person at WPPI. I’m so glad she asked you to do this session with her. Gorgeous photos!

      2.26.10 - 1:54 am

  91. hannah -

    This session is SOOO gorgeous! her natural beauty is just radiating in all of them! Once again your work is just stunning! gorgeous lighting!! love your art 😉

      2.26.10 - 10:43 pm

  92. Asther -

    Pheweeet! Finally seeing Jenny on the other side of the lens! She’s been planning for this session for so long and the result is FANTASTIC! Hahaha!

    Jasmine, you managed to capture Jenny’s personality beautifully! Thank you! 😀

      2.27.10 - 6:10 am

  93. s h e r r y -

    These are GORGEOUS! <3 <3 LOVE them.

      2.27.10 - 6:41 pm

  94. Erica -

    Not going to lie, I’ve fallen in love with you and your photography these past few months! Beautiful!

      2.28.10 - 7:00 pm

  95. melissa oholendt -

    I think this is my favorite single person session you had done….EVER. GORGEOUS.

      3.2.10 - 8:40 pm

  96. Taryn Rivera -

    The lighting is beautiful. I really love these!! You are truly an inspiration.

      3.5.10 - 6:23 pm

  97. Bella Taylor -

    Wowers! How cool! What a great day hanging out in New York together. Jenny you look amazing!!!!!!

      3.15.10 - 9:51 pm

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