New York Portraits : Jenny Sun : Anytime


We met in Sydney, Australia. At The Workshop to be precise. She immediately struck me with her kind disposition and her ability to connect with so many people at once. Jenny was quietly outgoing and embraced everyone who surrounded her, encouraging friends and peers alike. At the end of The Workshop, she told me she planned to visit the United States soon and she wanted to schedule an Anytime session.

Fast forward to two weeks ago: I received an email from Jenny Sun and she proposed flying me to New York for her photo session. Yes, it was short notice and I had to rearrange a few things, but this type of adventure is how I want to build my life. To have the ability to pick up and go. And live.

Jenny, you are amazing. Times seven. To the tenth power. Thank you SO much for sharing your life with me. You’re incredibly talented and changing the photo world in Australia, but–more than that–you’re an even better person. I can’t thank you enough for allowing me to capture your essence in the Big Apple.

Okay, for the record, it was freeeeezing. As in I wore a sweater, two jackets, and gloves. But Jenny was fully committed to getting the type of photos she wanted….a girl after my own heart!

One thing I didn’t expect shooting in New York City was the most insane and beautiful reflected light coming from nearby buildings. I seriously could shoot in that light, on that street, in that weather, and never get tired of it. Ever.

To thaw Jenny for a bit, we walked into a nearby cafe and ordered warmth in a cup…

After a quick change, we headed out into the streets again…

I love urban settings and grit….couple this with good light, and I’m in photo heaven.

Here’s Jenny making a parking garage look pretty…

Here’s Jenny thinking I’m hilarious…I mean, com’on…I really am.

Many, many thanks to Amanda Nistor of Ruffled Blog (to the left of Jenny) for being a wonderful guide, stylist, and overall fab support, and Michelle of Makeup by Michelle for a wonderful job on hair and makeup. Lastly, thank you, Jenny, for being so fabulous.

Happy Tuesday!