Nicole and Phillip : Engagement


Nicole saw Phillip on the campus of University of Southern California and was smitten. As she rode her bike to class, she’d notice a handsome, confident, and gregarious boy almost everyday. On a school campus the size of a city, one may assume it’s hard to find your soul mate, but seeing how they lived in the same student housing section, they were practically neighbors. Neighbors who rode bikes to class and had crushes on each other.

Late one fateful night, Nicole saw Phillip at a party and made some smooth moves, this time without the help of two wheels and pedals. From that night many years ago, they’ve been together and in love.

Nicole and Phillip decided to shoot their engagement session in Santa Monica, along Third Street Promenade, a place that acts as second home. They order their favorite gelato together, read magazines at the outdoor stands, and walk along the beach hand-in-hand. And the beach is a very important place for Nicole because she’s the CEO of the ever popular Nicolita line of bikini’s and handbags. She’s amazing at what she does and is going to explode from an overabundance of talent! Phillip definitely has his hands full, but they are filled with fun, joy, love…and the same girl who first saw him riding her bike to class.

I’m SO excited for their outta control August wedding as I’m sure it’ll be a blast!

I wanted to start their engagement photos by them playing and having a good time…and, boy, are they serious about their fun!

Phillip told me at the start of the session that he’s 100% Italian and Nicole’s 100% Cuban, so–according to him–they’re romantic, passionate, hot-tempered, and fun. I love it! 🙂 A live salsa band is scheduled for the reception, so here they are showing off their moves…

Off to the beach…

Things got a little spicy…

…And a little spicier the longer we shot! 🙂

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