Nodding with Approval

Nodding with Approval


I supposed I never stopped. Never stopped needing the constant affirmation from you. The Good Jobs, the pats on the back, the You’re My Favorite, followed by a sneaky wink. Though many years have passed since childhood, there’s a part of me that still craves you’re approval–and not from just anyone, but from you. Through the years, you’ve become my best friend and I count on you for just about everything.

From late night text messages (Good night Jazzy…stop working, go to BED!), to someone to talk to while sitting in traffic, to moments when I just need to pray, to random invitations for a taco run in East Los Angeles. I count on you for so much.

And after all these years, you still give me everything a daughter could ask for. The Good Jobs, the pats on the back, the You’re My Favorite, followed by a sneaky wink. There are times, still, when I do something great and I look around the room to see if you’d nod with approval. And then I take comfort knowing you would. Because that what you always do…you nod, smile, and let me know you couldn’t be more proud of the person I’ve become.

Daddy, Happy Father’s Day. Thank you for being my best friend and I love you for the extra chapters at bedtime during childhood, the kisses on the forehead, and, of course, the taco runs.

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  1. Lana -

    Great post Jasmine, and great picture of your dad! Happy Father’s Day Jasmine’s dad!

      6.21.09 - 1:32 pm

  2. Cathy Crawley -

    Awww, that is so sweet! I want to meet your Daddy!

      6.21.09 - 1:40 pm

  3. Melissa Salomon -

    This word is overused, I know. But in the same way that what you communicate with your camera is "breaktaking"… is what you communicate with your words. Kudos!

      6.21.09 - 1:53 pm

  4. Stephanie Greenwell -

    So very sweet Jasmine. I never knew my father and had no father figure, and would’ve so loved to have had that same approving nod from a father who loved me and to have seen my accomplishments from high school to college to my family. Happy Father’s Day, Jas’s Dad!

      6.21.09 - 2:11 pm

  5. Becky -

    Ah, your dad looks like such a great man! Although, I couldn’t help but to feel bad for your twin…does she know your his favorite?;)

      6.21.09 - 2:18 pm

  6. Becky -

    PS. mmmmmmmmmmm taco runs. It’s 8:00 am and it still sounds good!

      6.21.09 - 2:19 pm

  7. chris -

    dear god,
    please, one day, can I get a letter like this from either one of my daughters (to ask for one from both would be too much, I realize!).

      6.21.09 - 2:43 pm

  8. Kelly Bowie -

    You clearly have been blessed with a true treasure man of God father. You bless others when you share the love he has shown you and for that I thank you.

      6.21.09 - 2:59 pm

  9. Meg Fish -

    Awe, wish my dad lived close to me… great to see you honor your dad as we all should. And love your blog… hope to meet you one of these days!

      6.21.09 - 4:50 pm

  10. Penny Noell -

    Happy Father’s Day to your Dad. You have a wonderful way with words and I can feel your love for your father. He looks like a kind soul and I can just see his wink. Beautiful post.

      6.21.09 - 5:17 pm

  11. Lou -

    You are so blessed – treasure every moment with him. Reading your post today brought a tear as I miss my own father.

      6.21.09 - 5:17 pm

  12. Lucero -

    Oh WOW!!! I had no clue that was your father, since I barely started following your blog this year.. Pastor Pancho… Awesome father yes you do have. Happy fathers Day to your father.

      6.21.09 - 5:34 pm

  13. Rory Mole -

    Hello there Jasmine, It’s people like you that make people realise what is really important in life. Thank you so much for honoring your father and mother which I believe you don’t just do for Father’s Day or Mother’s Day, but probably every day. The reason why you are successful is because you have honoured your parents. As you well know, the bible says, "Honour your father and yoru mother that it may go well with you and that you may live long on the earth. There are so many people out there who have had really bad relationships with their parents and who are struggling at the moment, just because of that. It is not going well with them….
    Thank you so much for setting the example now, because one day when you have your own children, they will honour you too…

      6.21.09 - 5:56 pm

  14. meg manion silliker -

    oh you made me cry. forever longing for my dad’s approval – missing the time in my life wen i was daddy’s little girl. do we ever really grow out of that? beautiful tribute.

      6.21.09 - 6:10 pm

  15. Cindy Simbulan -

    For this reason, I read your blog. You are an amazing women. You have become an inspiration, if you will. Thanks for you being you.

      6.21.09 - 7:11 pm

  16. cassandra m -

    Happy Father’s Day Jasmine’s Dad!!! And GREAT post girl. Its days like this I miss my Dad so much it hurts in my heart…but ALSO the memories keep me strong and make me smile.

      6.21.09 - 7:42 pm

  17. Emily Heizer Photography -

    Your Dad is very handsome!! 🙂

      6.21.09 - 7:59 pm

  18. lucy -

    oh this post and all your fathers day posts always get to me, it always feel like you are talking about my dad, I have a great father like yours,except mine doesnt do the sneaky wink… 😉

      6.21.09 - 8:39 pm

  19. Tira J -

    Happy Father’s Day Pancho!

      6.21.09 - 9:10 pm

  20. Fola -

    You truly are blessed to have a dad who cares. Mine died when I was nine, I will never know this feeling of approval.

      6.21.09 - 10:24 pm

  21. Levell -

    nice words… can’t wait til my daughter gets older….

      6.22.09 - 12:35 am

  22. Linda -

    very sweet tribute to your Dad and love the pix.

      6.22.09 - 2:29 am

  23. Didi Von Bargen- Miles -

    Love this shot- and what a handsome man your papa is. Well done. 🙂

      6.22.09 - 2:48 am

  24. Bobbie Brown -

    Aw, Happy Fathers Day to Jasmine’s Dad and to all the fabulous Daddy’s out there!!

      6.22.09 - 3:08 am

  25. Karen Slate -

    Beautiful……. thanks for sharing….

      6.22.09 - 3:48 am

  26. Christy Doyea -

    Thanks for sharing that. I lost my dad almost 10 years ago and you just brought a flood of memories back.

      6.22.09 - 4:12 am

  27. Denise Saucedo -

    I love this!!! I miss my Papa!! How great it is to have this kind of love and feeling from a parent. You are so precious!! God bless you and your family!

      6.22.09 - 5:21 am

  28. denise bovee -

    phew…didnt expect to cry when I read that one. Your daddy must adore you 🙂

      6.22.09 - 5:54 am

  29. Stephanie Stewart -

    Awesome post and photo, he has every reason to be so proud of you!

      6.22.09 - 1:11 pm

  30. Kelly | Purple Lemon Designs -

    Aww…That was so sweet! You are a lucky girl J* to have such a great dad.

      6.22.09 - 2:08 pm

  31. Chelsea McGowan -

    I have the same kind of Daddy… we’re very lucky girls!

      6.22.09 - 3:09 pm

  32. Betsy, La Vida -

    Nice tribute! Sounds like a pretty special guy!

      6.22.09 - 4:16 pm

  33. Noel -

    Jasmin, as ever, a wonderful post. Your blog is an inspiration to me and I must admit to dropping in everyday or so. I too have posted a shot of my Dad on my blog for Father’s Day…

    I love your work. Especially the shoes… I think my wife has given me a shoe fetish…

    Take care,


      6.22.09 - 4:24 pm

  34. Jen Avril-Rae Shannon -

    I love your post Jasmine! It’s easy to take our father’s for granted and I have found as I continue to get older (I’m only 25) I appreciate my parents more and more.

      6.22.09 - 5:32 pm

  35. jacquelinefigueroa -

    Tear drops on my key board!

      6.22.09 - 8:59 pm

  36. Amanda -

    great dedication to your dad! 🙂

      6.22.09 - 10:18 pm

  37. Ashley -

    You are so blessed to have a wonderful Father and best friend.

      6.22.09 - 10:24 pm

  38. Events by Evonne -

    I am sure your daddy nodded at this post and had a huge smile on his face! He’s gotta be so incredibly proud of you and your work!

      6.23.09 - 9:01 am

  39. kristi -

    this made me sob. my dad was that person to me as well. the one who with just a simple look could make me start crying because I loved him so much. the one who raised me, his third daughter, like I was his son….i became the golfer, the yard work lover ( not so anymore) the football watcher, the exercise nut, the do-it-yourselfer with power tools…..all thanks to my dad….who I lost six years ago this past april. Jasmine, you are so lucky and so blessed to be expressing the way you feel with your father, and he is so blessed to have you in his world, and have you care so much. what a wonderful portrait of your dad….

      6.24.09 - 4:25 pm

  40. Bartolomeo Photography -

    Aww- so sweet Jas. You daddy is a handsome man. You can tell he is so proud.

      6.29.09 - 5:27 pm

  41. Mark Swanson -

    You are very blessed. My father passed away when I was 17 and I still miss him over 30 years later. Cherish every moment with him.
    Ask your Dad to sit for you, Ill bet the photographs would be fantastic!

      6.30.09 - 4:56 pm

  42. Emma Sharkey -

    Oh darling girl, what a beautiful post. I remember my father reading me bedtime stories, just one more page dad paleeease! What a stunning photo, just love it. What a great capture.

      7.29.09 - 12:32 pm

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