Not Cool, Man.


Every so often I get random ideas and become fixated on them it borders on obsession. Borders? Nope, it’s definitely obsession. And I specialize in obsession. Like this one time I decided to do a cleanse that required only drinking lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and ginger extract…it promptly ended when my dentist said I could lose teeth enamel. Or this one time in a high school art class when my teacher taught me how to make a picture using a series of ink dots…I decided to create a mural that took, oh, seven million dots to complete. I’m, like, a ink dot specialist these days.

Yesterday, after looking at JD and realizing he hasn’t shaved in a while, I got the idea of photographing him with a mustache. And then I became fixated. And then I became obsessed. His answer was no, no you will not photograph me with a mustache. But I continued asking and begging and the more he resisted, the more I pushed. I even told him he was stifling my creativity. HOW CAN YOU DO THAT TO ME?!

After begging, cajoling, and promising not to post the picture on the blog, I took this photo. Makes me think he belongs on a 1970s beach drama. The kind where they have bonfire with Richard Nixon kindling and say things like, Not cool, man.