Omaha Wedding : Courtney + Rob


Much to her parents’ surprise, Courtney offered to go with them to the conference. It was an annual event in her household, but her dad raised his eyebrows in delight when his daughter offered to walk the trade show aisles of a Salvage Conference in Nebraska with him. Yes, salvage. Classic cars were the family’s lifeblood, passion, and career, but Courtney shied away during high school and opted to be involved with a myriad of activities that didn’t require four wheels.

As she and her parents walked the trade show floor, Courtney was introduced to Rob and–as the story is often recounted–his chest swelled to twice the size when he talked to her. Rob raced cars, but nothing sped his heart like talking to a sweet girl from Pawnee City. Soon enough, he was driving from Omaha to spend his evenings with Courtney and their love accelerated past the point of no return.

A year later and together with 400 of their friends and family, they promised to love, honor, and cherish. Running from the church, they hopped into a 1956 Chevy Bel Air, but not before Courtney gave a special wave to her dad. He restored the car for her, for that moment, and she radiated with delight.

Courtney and Rob, hope you enjoyed your honeymoon on the Mexican Riviera and worked up a tan that’d make any Nebraskan jealous this winter! Thank you for making Omaha feel like home and spoiling me with true midwest hospitality…I can’t express how appreciative I am for your beautiful friends and families! I wish you a lifetime of happiness and, Court, don’t let Rob work too late on that new house of yours! Much Love and Appreciation… j*

This wedding was held on an absolutely gorgeous winter day in Omaha and though it was windy, the sun shined in all its glory for such a special day…

Courtney’s mom, Sherri, was extraordinary in planning a perfect day, dressing her daughter, and being a lovely host…she made me want to move to Nebraska and be her neighbor.

Courtney and Rob opted to see each other before the wedding and it was perfect! Not only were they excited to see each other, we had time to navigate the random gusts of wind that blew through the city and capture wedding photos…

Courtney’s dad is so good at restoring cars he made this classic Bel Air look brand new…I don’t want to sound creepy, but the carpet was so immaculate I could’ve dropped a piece of gum and put it back in my mouth without fear of germs.

As we drove from one location to another down the street, JD captured this moment of the couple sneaking a sweet kiss…

I have a soft spot for Courtney. On her wedding day, she reminded me of the first time we met. Much like meeting Rob, we were introduced at a conference in Las Vegas. I chatted with her and she asked if I’d travel to Nebraska to shoot her wedding one day…her mother jokingly interjected Courtney had yet to meet the right guy, but furthered the invitation. Three years later, I felt incredibly blessed to get her in front of my camera, in a beautiful wedding dress, with the man of her dreams.

Courtney and Rob are two of the most fun and playful couples I had the honor of photographing this year. They’re always making each other laugh and softly tease under their breath, but in quiet moments, it’s only about their love. Wholly. It’s as if for a moment the world stops and it’s only about their love. JD captured one such moment during their First Dance…

To see more of Courtney and Rob’s Nebraska wedding, feel free to CLICK HERE for a slideshow with Holly Maher music provided The Music Bed.

Happy Wednesday!