Orange County Engagement : Eileen + Joel


He knew he shouldn’t, but he did. He sat at the table and drank caffeinated drink after caffeinated drink waiting for her to arrive. And when Eileen walked through the door for their date, Joel’s first thought was, Wow…and quickly regretted the caffeine. Eileen smiled, sat at the table and listened to Joel tell story after story. He blamed the drinks.

After a few unsuccessful (and downright weird) dates via, Eileen skeptically approached her lunch date with Joel. Extraordinarily busy with work and a successful career, Eileen worried she’d be more consumed with her upcoming business trip than idle chatter or incompatibility with another online match. As Joel sat across the table from her and regaled her with colorful stories, she found herself laughing and forgetting her schedule. Three hours later, they left the restaurant promising to connect upon Eileen’s return from an impending business trip. The following day, after a full day of travel and meetings, Eileen called Joel. She, apparently, missed his stories.

I’m incredibly excited to be photographing Eileen and Joel’s wedding this June in Laguna Beach and I have no doubt their Montage wedding will be absolutely beautiful. Just like their love. Eileen suggested an urban vibe for their engagement session, so we met in Santa Ana for their shoot…and, really, Eileen and Joel made dirt and grime look good.

Eilee, you’re beautiful…truly…

One of my favorite things about Eileen and Joel is their ability to make each other smile and laugh without a single word. They share an unspoken language and a enviable communication only love provides…

There are few people who can make an alley look romantical. Joel, you’re one of them.


Last frame of the session…we’re walking back to our cars when I asked them to stop because the light was beautiful. And so are they.

To see more of Joel and Eileen’s Orange County engagement session, CLICK HERE for a slideshow with music provided by Cars and Trains found at WithEtiquette