Organizing the Organization


I’m definitely not the most organized person in the world (shall we talk about the Junk Drawer again?!), but there are certain aspects of my life where I find myself detailing the smallest things I need to do. Or else I can’t sleep. Because the pants that need to be hemmed? The album that needs to be shipped? These things’ll keep me up at two in the morning if I don’t write it down for fear of forgetting. NOW WHO WOULDN’T WANT TO BE FRIENDS WITH ME?!

I blogged about my List of Things To Do and it’s clear I’m the type of girl who needs to write.things.down. If this isn’t proof I’m my mother’s spawn, I don’t know what is. My mother has post-it notes for her post-it notes…and I’m afraid I picked up her organizational traits. And it drives JD crazy. My desk is like a quilt of tiny neon papers.

I, essentially, had an overall To Do list, then made smaller lists of things I needed to do on a daily basis. It was like organizing my organization…and it really only made sense to me. Then JD surprised me what could be the best gift. Ever.

This weekly calendar post-it pad is from Poketo and gives me space to write what I need. When I’m done with the week, I peel it off and throw it away. Hey, whoever invented this, let’s make out!

I still save my main To Do list (three cheers for hoarding!), but this has cleared my desk and made life easier. Hollllla!

Happy Tuesday!