Our Day in Philadelphia


Total tourists. That’s what we were as we wandered the streets of Philadelphia. The only thing missing was a visor and fanny pack, then we’d totally look like we didn’t belong. JD and I bounced all over the city—yes, eating everything we could along the way—and experienced Philly the best way we knew how: From my blog readers recommendations! Hollllllla!

With many thanks to those of you who emailed and commented, JD and I happily spent the day together. Thank you so much and if you ever come out to Orange County, I hope to do the same for you! Lastly, I have Internet access, but can’t send email, so I’ll be catching up early next week…I appreciate your patience in advance!

I received plenty of opinions on where JD should experience his Philly Cheesesteak, so while I won’t say which restaurant he ended up choosing (I’m afraid for my life, Internet!), I will say he enjoyed every last bite, even licking the left over Whiz on the paper wrap. Of course because of my vegetarianism, I didn’t partake in the feast, but I watched in wonder. I mean, I don’t get the big deal about slices of meat covered in CheeseWhiz and onions, but I–apparently–don’t know how to live life. This was told to me in between stuffed mouthfuls, so I had a hard time understanding JD. Or at least that’s what I told him!

We spent the afternoon visiting historical sites and landmarks and I can’t express how much I love this beautiful country! Experiencing and seeing our beautiful culture and past was a true highlight of our day! 🙂

Happy Saturday!