Our Day in Philadelphia

Our Day in Philadelphia


Total tourists. That’s what we were as we wandered the streets of Philadelphia. The only thing missing was a visor and fanny pack, then we’d totally look like we didn’t belong. JD and I bounced all over the city—yes, eating everything we could along the way—and experienced Philly the best way we knew how: From my blog readers recommendations! Hollllllla!

With many thanks to those of you who emailed and commented, JD and I happily spent the day together. Thank you so much and if you ever come out to Orange County, I hope to do the same for you! Lastly, I have Internet access, but can’t send email, so I’ll be catching up early next week…I appreciate your patience in advance!

I received plenty of opinions on where JD should experience his Philly Cheesesteak, so while I won’t say which restaurant he ended up choosing (I’m afraid for my life, Internet!), I will say he enjoyed every last bite, even licking the left over Whiz on the paper wrap. Of course because of my vegetarianism, I didn’t partake in the feast, but I watched in wonder. I mean, I don’t get the big deal about slices of meat covered in CheeseWhiz and onions, but I–apparently–don’t know how to live life. This was told to me in between stuffed mouthfuls, so I had a hard time understanding JD. Or at least that’s what I told him!

We spent the afternoon visiting historical sites and landmarks and I can’t express how much I love this beautiful country! Experiencing and seeing our beautiful culture and past was a true highlight of our day! 🙂

Happy Saturday!

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  1. jess@studio3z -

    You guys are so stinkin adorable.

      8.16.08 - 3:11 pm

  2. JGen -

    whoa! i cant believe you guys are so close to me right.. i mean kind close, alot closer than ORANGE COUNTY, CA! ah well.. in 9 days i see you in nyc! yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! goin’ to do another dance!!!

      8.16.08 - 3:14 pm

  3. Misty Dawn -

    OMG! I so stalk your blog but never comment LOL I LOVE your work, Jasmine! I can’t believe you’re like half an hour away from me right now! I’m In Delaware which is so close to Philly! How long are you guys in town for?

      8.16.08 - 3:42 pm

  4. ohana photography -

    jasmine star in a fanny pack. YES!!! gotta see it 😉 *giggle giggle* as always you two are just too cute! have an awesome weekend!

      8.16.08 - 4:57 pm

  5. Mike Allebach -

    I will try not to be offended that you didn’t get a good cheesesteak at Steve’s Prince of Steaks. Oh and although it’s the official way to make cheesesteak. Wiz is gross.

    Wish I would have seen you. I was playing a tourist in my own city by visiting the art museum and today had a trash the dress at the Eastern State Penitentiary.

      8.16.08 - 5:35 pm

  6. Chatti -

    Have fun!!! love your pictures!

      8.16.08 - 7:29 pm

  7. Melissa -

    Great pics, looks like fun!

      8.16.08 - 8:54 pm

  8. joan solitario -

    you made me miss Philly looking at your photos! So awesome you were able to try the Rita’s Water Ice 😀 Coooolness!

      8.17.08 - 12:22 am

  9. Ashley -

    I can’t believe you went to Rita’s!! That’s pretty much the best ice cream/italian ice I’ve ever had and I finally found a place in OC like that. Go figure, the soft serve and ice flavors are shipped from Pennsylvania. I love it. Be sure to eat another before you leave!

      8.17.08 - 12:58 am

  10. Dave Shilling@DNRPhoto -

    You ARE aware that by discussing the fact that there was whiz, you have alerted the world of your Geno/Pat preference, right?

      8.17.08 - 6:49 am

  11. Denise Mabilog -

    I live near Philly and I LOVE Rita’s soooo much! This weekend was a beautiful weekend for you to be here. I’m coming into the city today (Sunday)…maybe we’ll run into each other.

      8.17.08 - 11:02 am

  12. Tunji Sarumi -

    lol… the last picture made JD look tiny in front of a Huge door.

      8.17.08 - 1:04 pm

  13. Nena -

    Love it! =-)

      8.17.08 - 1:15 pm

  14. chantal -

    Yay!! I can’t wait to see you in Chicago!!

      8.17.08 - 2:45 pm

  15. Linda Morgan -

    Philley is great. I am guessing Pats. It is the best. Can not wait to see you in KC. Just got onto you and DJ a few days ago and I am hooked.

      8.17.08 - 4:32 pm

  16. Rae Barnes -

    So fun! I am glad you guys had a good time and got to experience Philly the right way. 😉 My hubby will be glad.

      8.17.08 - 5:03 pm

  17. Troy Schneider -

    Yay… photos from Philly! I’m glad to hear you and JD had a great time. I think I’m going to to have to take a day trip to the city when we go home to visit family for Christmas.

      8.17.08 - 7:28 pm

  18. Val McCormick Photography -

    Rita’s is so yummy! Almost NY time, Yey 🙂 WoooHooo 🙂

      8.17.08 - 9:57 pm

  19. Michelle Pearson -

    Looks like you both had a blast!!!

      8.18.08 - 5:47 am

  20. MelissaB -

    Can’t wait to meet you both tomorrow in Chi-town. I am anxiously awaiting some fabulous advise and expertise 🙂

      8.18.08 - 1:25 pm

  21. hedy berg -

    love the angle of that picture of JD sitting on the step infront of the large window … he almost looks like a tiny character living in giant’s world!

      8.18.08 - 8:18 pm

  22. Stephen Knuth -

    Ohhh….I am from that area. You had Ritas! How good is that stuff!

      8.19.08 - 6:10 pm

  23. Paper Monkey -

    Looks like you had a blast! mmmmm cheese whiz!

      8.19.08 - 8:05 pm

  24. ashley Brockinton -

    We have Rita’s down here in SW Florida. It’s sooo good.

      8.21.08 - 2:56 am

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