Palos Verdes Engagement : Erin + Mike


They call it Bar Golf, and it’s exactly what it sounds like. Hitting par–two beers at this bar, a shot at that bar–at each of the 18 locations on a preset list in Hermosa Beach. Mike and Erin were supposed to be set up by a friend somewhere on the course, so Mike dressed in his best golfing attire. He saw her from a distance and strengthened by the passing of each ‘hole’ Mike decided to approach Erin two hours later, hoping for a hole in one. Or at least a birdie.

Erin liked Mike almost instantly. The almost part was attributed to his golf attire. I had a great costume, Mike promises as Erin recounts their first meeting, but she betrays a sly smile perhaps proving otherwise. They never completed their round of golf that one night. Instead, they enjoyed each other’s company and exchanged phone numbers. Less than a week later, they found comfort and pleasure in each other and the rest is golf history.

Erin and Mike will be getting married in September at Shutters on the Beach, and I was thrilled to document their love for their Palos Verdes engagement session. We had a blast roaming the streets and getting to know each other better. Here are a few of my favorites…

Mike and Erin are always laughing…even if it means Mike dancing for her in a random walkway! 😉

Hellllllllo amazing light…

Mike is such a ham and so playful…I loved working with someone so fun!

Erin…you’re GORGE!! Love you! 🙂

To see more of their Palos Verdes engagement session, CLICK HERE for a slideshow!