Pelican Hill Wedding : Rodhelen + David

Pelican Hill Wedding : Rodhelen + David


They share a quiet kind of love. The type of love that others can see and feel, but is never put on display like a relic in a museum. Rodhelen and David complete each others’ sentences and quietly laugh at inside jokes…and occasionally use pet names in public. Their friends and family laud their devotion, care, and attention to others, all things that manage to find their way back to each other.

Last Monday, on a glorious Labor Day, Rodhelen and David promised their lives to each other. The wedding overlooked a stunning day in Newport Beach and the sun kissed the couple as they floated down the aisle. It was a perfect day for two people who deserved nothing else.

Rodhelen and David, thank you for being so sweet, kind, and thoughtful. It was a joy to document your wedding day and I know your lives are destined for only great(er) things…and merely because you deserve every last bit of it. Enjoy your time in Italy…and, Rodhelen, please buy a pair of heels we’d both swoon over! Much Love and Appreciation… j*

The day started at the bridal suite at Pelican Hill Resort…and nothing’s better than beginning with a pair of Christian Dior heels and Oscar De La Renta wedding dress…

Many thanks to Nisie of Enchanted Florist for the stunning bouquet…

Rodhelen and David opted to see each other before the ceremony and I couldn’t have been happier for this amazing moment between the two of them…

Because they saw each other before the wedding, we had plenty of time to plan for pictures and roam every inch of Pelican Hill Resort

The official Mr. and Mrs…with a lovely ceremony by Reverend Clint Hufft

Oh, Rodhelen…you are GORGE! Thanks to Joyce Luck for hair and makeup!

Many, many thanks to Alicia Townsend of Details, Details for planning a lovely day and ensuring we stayed right on track with the timeline…LOVE her!

The day was filled with many great moments…like the First Dance…

…and lovely speeches…

…and private moments… (with lovely music provided by Peter Papadopolous and video light provided by Elysium Productions)

It was an absolutely stunning night for a wedding and the views from Pelican Hill was the cherry on the wedding cake!

To see more of Rodhelen and David’s wedding photos at Pelican Hill Resort, feel free to CLICK HERE for a slideshow!

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  1. Jenni -


      9.6.12 - 2:52 pm

  2. Ivor Tetteh-Lartey Photography -

    Fabulous contre jour lighting in the gardens. I love how you captured the bride reflection in the mirror as her bridesmaid works on the dress detail.

      9.6.12 - 3:29 pm

  3. Liz -

    I had actually been waiting for you to post this wedding – I loved their engagement session! Gorgeous photos!

      9.6.12 - 3:37 pm

  4. m -

    of course I looooooove her dress!!!!

      9.6.12 - 3:58 pm

  5. Jeremy & Kristin -

    gorgeous couple! Jasmine, that last shot is killer!

      9.6.12 - 4:11 pm

  6. Carolyn Evans -

    Beautiful, as always!

      9.6.12 - 4:21 pm

  7. Rachel McCloud -

    So beautiful. The location and couple are wonderful. 🙂

      9.6.12 - 4:48 pm

  8. Laura Elizabeth -


      9.6.12 - 5:04 pm

  9. Hannes Uys -

    Wow awesome details!

      9.6.12 - 5:28 pm

  10. Joe O'Daniels -

    Inpressed as always! Looks like it was quite a day!

      9.6.12 - 6:05 pm

  11. Annetta -

    Beautiful job, Jasmine and JD. Love their florals.

      9.6.12 - 6:29 pm

  12. Brittani Gonzalez -

    <3 <3 <3 <3

      9.6.12 - 6:40 pm

  13. Used Newmarket -

    These are beautiful jasmine! Love the black and whites SO much!

      9.6.12 - 7:33 pm

  14. Sue McFarland -

    GORGEOUS!!! I see your posts and pics on FB, but there is nothing like coming to your blog and reading your comments and dialogue about the couples that you shoot!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, heart and photos!!!

      9.6.12 - 7:39 pm

  15. Summer -

    Your brides alway’s have the BEST shoes! *swoon*

      9.6.12 - 9:06 pm

  16. Manya Keseloff -

    Beautiful as always!

      9.6.12 - 9:30 pm

  17. Deborah Zoe -

    Jasmine, these are beautiful! Love, love, love:)!

      9.7.12 - 1:25 am

  18. Ashley Christine -

    Stunning… ::happy sigh::

      9.7.12 - 6:29 am

  19. V Shirer McKoy -

    Breathtakingly beautiful!

      9.7.12 - 7:10 am

  20. Jamie -

    she is beautiful! lovely captures of the entired day.

      9.7.12 - 8:20 am

  21. Paige Overturf -

    Beautiful light used!

      9.8.12 - 10:16 pm

  22. Bogdan -

    That was a daring dip on the first dance… considering David’s not "wide enough" stance… couple more inches and that would have made for a different kind of unforgettable moment :-).

      9.9.12 - 5:37 pm

  23. Nick Rose Photography | London -

    Stunning wedding Jasmine.

      9.9.12 - 10:50 pm

  24. vanessa H -

    Beautiful wedding Jasmine!!

      9.10.12 - 4:34 pm

  25. Lem Lynch -

    Beautiful wedding! Great looking couple. Awesome location for it too.

      9.10.12 - 7:26 pm

  26. joyce luck -

    I learn so much from the photos you take…it helps me be a better artist! YOU are so talented only outdone by your generous spirit!

      9.12.12 - 2:24 am

  27. Serendipity Photography -

    Beautiful pictures as always!

      9.12.12 - 11:21 pm

  28. Rodhelen & David -

    Even as we’re in Italy on our honeymoon, we look at the photos you & JD took of our special day daily before bedtime. It brings a smile to our faces each time we look at them. <3, both of us

      9.17.12 - 11:33 pm

  29. scott thomas -

    Nice work Jasmine! Such a beautiful lighting. I bet the clients loved these photos! Keep up the good work. scott

      9.24.12 - 9:26 am

  30. Ashvin Ghisyawan -

    Great work again! Beautiful details and colors

      10.1.12 - 8:53 am

  31. Miles -

    Beautiful photos! The last one is really magnificent and the ones on the dance floor. 🙂

      10.1.12 - 4:42 pm

  32. Dani Davila -

    Love your work, sorry, your artwork.

      10.3.12 - 12:54 am

  33. Jedna Chwila -

    Beautiful couple… beautiful places… and beautiful shots, of course! 🙂
    I like it so much!

      9.10.13 - 11:10 am

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