Photoshop Actions + Post Processing


Happy Monday and I hope life is sweet…as sweet as a warm s’more. Mmmmm, sugar. Is it too early in the morning to be craving such terrible goodies? No, didn’t think so either. It’s Monday and last I heard calories don’t count at the beginning of the week. Speaking of this week, I’m working on a new Shooting Star which will be posted in a couple days where I address photographing preparation details. As the lead photographer, I’m with the bride as she prepares…and JD is with the groom. Our approaches are entirely different, but I’ll get into the details later. For now, I just wanted to post a few of his pictures to give a few samples of his work as they’ll be used as examples at a later point.

All of these photos were outsourced to Photographer’s Edit and processed with Adobe Lightroom. I’ve edited them with Kubota Photoshop Actions and used BlogStomp for sharpening and the application of the photo border.

JD takes a fully photojournalistic approach to preparation photos. Jeff and his groomsmen arrived in the morning and decided to play croquet…sorta…
Saturation: -100
Bronzed God: 17%
Contrast: +2

Most of the time, a groom just wants to hang out with his friends and have a great time…
Fassion Passion: 9%
B/W Enrichment: 13%

Pieter was one of the sweetest and tender-hearted grooms…ever. His future wife wrote him a love note that brought him to tears and JD captured the precious moment.
Saturation: -100
Black Satin B&W 4: 36%

Often a bride gives her groom a wedding gift…Jody’s reaction to his new iPad is priceless…
Saturation: -100
Contrast: +2
BW 70/20/10
Bronzed God: 6%

…but Jody’s reaction to realizing Shannon loaded it with personal photos is even better…
KPD X-Process Combo: 7%
B&W Enrichment: 10%

Vince was one cool and laid back groom. He prepared by himself and enjoyed a brief moment of respite before the craziness of the day…
Kiyoko Punch: 15%
Creme Bruleee: 5%

Making sure the guys are enjoying their time and each other’s company is JD’s top priority…
Saturation: -100
Black Satin B&W 4: 36%

There’s always one groomsmen who makes the day extra fun…
Kiyoko Punch: 14%

This was posted for a few reasons, but the main one was to express how thankful I am to have such a solid partner. In business…and life. JD’s contributions to the wedding portfolio are immeasurable and I hope these Photoshop tips also helped a bit. To see more blog entries related to post processing, feel free to CLICK HERE (also, this post refers to the first action set I purchased and how helpful it was).

Happy Monday!