Piece de resistance


We’re so different. I think in circles, he thinks in lines. I see high, he sees straight. I make complexity, he prefers simplicity. And the way I speak? Sometimes drives him nuts. I often use idioms–which JD is still getting used to–but when I use phrases from another language, he’s way over it.

So, what did you mean by that? I heard you use it last week too, and I want to know what it means. We sat in the car and JD asked what pièce de résistance meant. I explained that this french term basically refers to the best part or feature of something. I used examples to further my point and he just smiled and shook his head. His wife is weird.

When we got home, we decided to take Polo on a walk. Before we leashed him up, JD linked his collar and said, I guess that means Polo is the pièce de résistance of our family. Oh, Internet, my husband is weird too!