Polo, Pinkberry, and Perfection


I woke up with excitement.

JD was washing the dishes when he heard Polo run to our bed and pounce on my belly. What do you want to do today, JD asked after he heard me wrestling the four-legged, white ball of fur.


Okay, so while this may sound dramatic, it wasn’t. Or maybe it was, but it wasn’t intended to be. Now that wedding season is in full-swing, Saturdays are filled with work and loads of busyness. Because I shot a wedding yesterday, my weekend was free to do what I wanted. And feel like a normal girl on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon.

In the morning, we walked to breakfast, meandered around Heaven for a while (a.k.a. Barnes&Noble), bought a few books, spent the afternoon by the pool, lunched at our favorite restaurant, then took a long nap. If this doesn’t sound the most perfect day ever, JD, Polo and I went to Pinkberry at the Irvine Spectrum to round out our day. Perfection, I tell you.

Happy Saturday!