Polo Redford


I am quite sure there are at tons and tons (okay, maybe two) blog readers who adore my Polo posts as much as I do. I, of course, think he’s the most amazing dog since Benji hit the 80s scene, and Spud Mackenzie smashed the 90s. Polo is my dog and best buddy, but today I’m referring to him as Polo Redford because he’s made his big screen debut. Kinda

With many thanks to Ann Hamilton for inviting Polo to be photographed in a lovely San Francisco studio, and the uber fabulous videographer extraordinaire, Anton Lorimer, for filming the shoot, Polo is now asking for strictly Evian water, his dog food to be served at room temp, and for extensive belly rubs. He’s so diva.

Here’s a sneak peek at Ann’s WPPI promo video…