Polo Redford

Polo Redford


I am quite sure there are at tons and tons (okay, maybe two) blog readers who adore my Polo posts as much as I do. I, of course, think he’s the most amazing dog since Benji hit the 80s scene, and Spud Mackenzie smashed the 90s. Polo is my dog and best buddy, but today I’m referring to him as Polo Redford because he’s made his big screen debut. Kinda

With many thanks to Ann Hamilton for inviting Polo to be photographed in a lovely San Francisco studio, and the uber fabulous videographer extraordinaire, Anton Lorimer, for filming the shoot, Polo is now asking for strictly Evian water, his dog food to be served at room temp, and for extensive belly rubs. He’s so diva.

Here’s a sneak peek at Ann’s WPPI promo video…

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  1. Amy Richmond -

    Oh my goodness! I read your blog daily and I LOVE your dog! He is so adorable!

      2.12.09 - 6:10 pm

  2. Joan Solitario -


      2.12.09 - 6:13 pm

  3. Cindy -

    OMG, I want that dog! So cute!

      2.12.09 - 6:14 pm

  4. Oakstream Photography -

    OMGOSH! How fun is that. LOL!!!!

      2.12.09 - 6:27 pm

  5. Lauren -

    OMG polo is moving! hahaha We definitely need more videos of that little guy.

      2.12.09 - 6:36 pm

  6. Andrea Blair -

    As a dog lover 🙂 I love seeing Polo mixed amongst your sessions! and it’s nice to see him in his own session…LOVE IT!

      2.12.09 - 6:38 pm

  7. Rachel -

    Polo posts are one of my absolute favorite things! He is always so adorable.

      2.12.09 - 6:43 pm

  8. Navy Sou -

    Uh huhhh…more like DIVO! Lol!

      2.12.09 - 6:51 pm

  9. rachel darley -

    you know, you can count me in as being one of your blog readers that loves Polo Posts. He is just a furry ball of adorableness. And judging by the pics, he knows it too.

      2.12.09 - 6:54 pm

  10. Troy Grover -

    Seriously Jasmine! You made your dog wear a rugby shirt. If your going to dress up your dog in human clothes at least get him a Kobe jersey.

      2.12.09 - 6:59 pm

  11. Becka Knight (Studio222 Photography) -

    UGHHH… So stinking adorable!

      2.12.09 - 7:04 pm

  12. Tira J -

    Oh my goodness Polo! You are so handsome, and I love your video! Seriously, J* & JD. Wow! Thanks for sharing. Too bad my kitties won’t do that. 🙂

      2.12.09 - 7:10 pm

  13. Kristen - K. Holly Photography -

    Eeeee!! Okay, now I’m even more in love with Polo! And Ann Hamilton too!! So cute! And yes, lots of your readers like pics of your doggie, myself included. My pupper is on my blog today too! 🙂

      2.12.09 - 7:17 pm

  14. Adreanna -

    Love the slideshow — adorable! Now tell me about the song – artist and title please?

      2.12.09 - 7:19 pm

  15. Erica Velasco -

    Uber cute!

      2.12.09 - 7:26 pm

  16. lucy -

    Lorimerworks makes awesome videos. Polo is a cutie.

      2.12.09 - 7:31 pm

  17. B -

    I have the CUTEST nephew in the universe! Popo, I lub ju!

      2.12.09 - 7:34 pm

  18. Ashley Cohn -

    That’s is so cute! Makes me want to go and adopt a dog right this second! Not to mention, killer boots J! 🙂

      2.12.09 - 7:37 pm

  19. de -

    I so look forward to anything you post but especially pics of Polo! What a great video promotion! Polo deserves a paw print on the walk of fame! What a cutie!

      2.12.09 - 7:49 pm

  20. haley lamb -

    oh, THE cutest!

      2.12.09 - 7:50 pm

  21. Beth -


      2.12.09 - 8:02 pm

  22. Christine -

    YaY for Polo!!! His movie debut! Next will be the red carpet 🙂

      2.12.09 - 8:09 pm

  23. Bianca -

    How cute!!!!!!!
    I want one so bad!
    I always love the Polo’s posts!!!!

      2.12.09 - 8:10 pm

  24. Amy -


      2.12.09 - 8:25 pm

  25. Feuza -

    Oh my, Hollywood watch out. Dog movies are such a big hit now and Pol i so fab! How cute is he,,,,, and you and JD look amazing- hot stuff…
    luv the last scene of Polo leaving

      2.12.09 - 8:27 pm

  26. Heather -

    I normally do not like dogs because they scare me, but oh my gosh can I steal him??? I want him soooo badly!

      2.12.09 - 8:30 pm

  27. Jacque Taylor -

    Ok, I love Polo ALMOST as much as I love my Bobbi. If that wasn’t the most adorable video I have no idea what is!!! I adore it. Loving her doggy images.

      2.12.09 - 8:42 pm

  28. Tom -

    Ok, I’ve been watching for awhile. Your a awesome writer but I have only one question…
    How the heck did you get that pretty and talented?
    Keep it up.

      2.12.09 - 8:51 pm

  29. Regina -

    Of course POLO is super cute and I am not a dog person. But that Polo he was wearing was super cute!

      2.12.09 - 8:53 pm


    Love LOVE Love it! The best promo evah! Yea, Polo, Jasmine, JD and Ann – 4 of my favorite persons!!! kudos!

      2.12.09 - 8:57 pm

  31. Chung Nguyen -

    Polo is simply too adorable!

      2.12.09 - 9:00 pm

  32. jeramy -

    i love jd’s shoes!

    just booked our hotel. yeah!

      2.12.09 - 9:02 pm

  33. Marissa Rodriguez -

    OH. MY. GOSH. Jasmine!!! Polo is ADORABLE! I’m sure there are tons of people who adore him! I have been wanting to get a dog(a tiny little pug maybe), but we live in a studio with 2 cats and a guinea pig so looking at Polo from your blog will have to do!

      2.12.09 - 9:05 pm

  34. Ashley Rose -

    Ok. so Mr. Bubbles is in love with Polo. Yes Man Love 🙂 So adorable! We would love to have a puppy play date 🙂 Polo is just the cutest ever!

      2.12.09 - 9:09 pm

  35. Mel-IMAGEine Couture Photography -

    LOVE it! And the song in the video is perfect. Aren’t animals little gifts from above? So sweet!

      2.12.09 - 9:21 pm

  36. Judy C -

    Polo is such a STAR!!!! 🙂

      2.12.09 - 9:27 pm

  37. Stefanie -

    So cute! I have my 19mth old daughter in my lap watching this and she is barking the whole time! She loves dogs! He looks nothing like our dog Polo! lol

      2.12.09 - 9:31 pm

  38. Jackie -

    that is the cutest thing ever! polo is a superstar!

      2.12.09 - 9:34 pm

  39. Candace Prokopets -

    J*, if you have an extra minute can you please email my husband Vitaliy (vitaliy@prokopetsstudio.com) and convince him that I deserve a cutie little dog like Polo. I really do. But I can’t seem to convince him. 🙂 You guys are the cutest little family.

      2.12.09 - 9:44 pm

  40. nataly -

    I already thought that Polo is so cute! Now I think he is the cutest!!

      2.12.09 - 9:46 pm

  41. mark byrne -

    Thank you once again for sharing part of your life with us all out here.
    You are a continuing inspiration both as a photographer, writer and a great person.

    Jasmine – do you twitter ?

      2.12.09 - 9:59 pm

  42. Erica Adams -

    I was looking at this blog with my one year old son and he went crazy when he say POLO…LOL.. I thought the next video with Tomas Flint was hot..WOW…better than watching soaps during the day:)

      2.12.09 - 10:02 pm

  43. Jessica Lynn -

    ohmygawd. polo is even more adorable than i could have imagined.

      2.12.09 - 10:26 pm

  44. Roxie -

    I heart Polo!

      2.12.09 - 10:27 pm

  45. Dawn B -

    that has got to be the cutest video EVER! Polo has every right to be a diva!!!

      2.12.09 - 10:35 pm

  46. Crystal -

    LOL!!! REDFORD… hmmmm that reminds me of a conversation we’ve had. LOL!!

      2.12.09 - 10:42 pm

  47. Trista Lerit -

    OMG….Polo is sooo adorable!!! I’m officially jealous and so is Mochi..he wants to Mochi "Pitt" one day 😉

      2.12.09 - 10:45 pm

  48. Karen -

    I just died of cuteness!

      2.12.09 - 10:46 pm

  49. GrayPhotography -

    Tooo cute!!!! lol. Love it.

      2.12.09 - 11:00 pm

  50. Christopher -

    I have to admit that is cool.

      2.12.09 - 11:17 pm

  51. Andrea Martin -

    As the proud owner of 2 Maltese puppies, Rudy and Rodger, I love your posts about Polo! I even showed Ann’s video to them, which led them to lick my laptop screen and then run in small little circles. Thanks so much for sharing Polo with the world!

      2.12.09 - 11:17 pm

  52. Holli True -

    I love how we can see his adorable personality in the video! He is so precious, Jasmine! Oh and the little blue and white striped rugby shirt is too cute for words!!! 🙂 Great work Ann!

      2.12.09 - 11:32 pm

  53. Lydia -

    Polo fan here! This is so adorable! It makes me want to go out and get another puppy!

      2.12.09 - 11:58 pm

  54. Lindsay P -

    Cute cute cute cute cute!!!!

      2.13.09 - 12:01 am

  55. Bethany Murphy -

    Absolutely the sweetest thing! I think I just fell in love 🙂 It seriously makes me want to go have a photo session with my dog right now!

      2.13.09 - 12:03 am

  56. Lacy -

    haha! Lu-huuv it! LOVE it! 😀 I have 5 dogs… FIVE… (that wasn’t a typo) and they are all white…and look almost identical to Polo!! 😀

      2.13.09 - 12:08 am

  57. Mindy Miller -

    OMG, so stinkin’ adorable!! What breed is he?

      2.13.09 - 12:16 am

  58. Melissa -

    I think I Love Polo even more.. =) Shh… I hope my Pom Milly dosent read this. I love dog photog. Ann did an amazing job.

      2.13.09 - 12:21 am

  59. Dennis Bullock -

    Polo is such a star!

      2.13.09 - 12:45 am

  60. Sharon -

    Way too cute!

      2.13.09 - 1:00 am

  61. Nancy Ramos -

    Xochitl, my six year old daughter wants to find out if she can meet your dog one day.

      2.13.09 - 2:17 am

  62. Nelly Chung -

    I love it! Polo is born to sit in front of the camera! Not even camera shy!

      2.13.09 - 2:19 am

  63. abbey -

    oh my gosh!!! I LOVE this shot!!!!
    I have an 100 pound lab…. wonder if I could get the same effect! 🙂

      2.13.09 - 2:20 am

  64. SJ Styles -

    Now all of you are famous Haha

      2.13.09 - 3:24 am

  65. Amy Clifton -

    Big "awwwwwwwwwww"! Love the video, and your little family is too cute!

      2.13.09 - 3:46 am

  66. Stephanie Greenwell -

    The dog has some CHARISMA!! I now want my dog to be the next Bailey "Clooney"–any chance Pitt(from *Trista*), Clooney and Redford could do a movie together?!? So cute, all of you…

      2.13.09 - 3:55 am

  67. Tiffany -

    Okay Polo has Hollywood dog written all over him!!! Omg sooooo cute!

      2.13.09 - 4:33 am

  68. Catherine -

    Polo is insanely cute! And so are your boots! Where did you get them? PS – Polo reminds me of my little Mimi

      2.13.09 - 4:36 am

  69. Ann Hamilton -

    I couldn’t have asked for better *stars* for my promo! xoxo

      2.13.09 - 4:43 am

  70. Ginger Murray -

    You look gorgeous, Jasmine. Also, I don’t usually like little white fluffy dogs, but seriously, Polo is an exception. And he’s so well behaved too!

      2.13.09 - 4:57 am

  71. Anton Lorimer -

    With a cast like Polo, Jasmine, JD and Ann Hamilton, we couldn’t go wrong. Thanks for making it an easy shoot and edit 🙂 See ya in Vegas!

      2.13.09 - 5:25 am

  72. The Fabulous Claudia -

    I sooo envy you right now (in a good way…of course) I LOVE your dog, he’s so cute…..ok. I WANT a dog as adorable as yours!!!

      2.13.09 - 5:54 am

  73. ali b. -

    Your little guy is absolutely adorable…

      2.13.09 - 6:47 am

  74. DJ -

    Those are awesome shoes JD

      2.13.09 - 7:26 am

  75. Jenny Sun -

    that is just too darn cute!! If there was such a thing as eyes hurting from an OD for adorable-ness (sorry, I made that up! :p), you and polo would win hands down! I loved it when you were flicking his little tongue! made me crack up laughing 😀 Have an awesome time at WPPI by the way!!

      2.13.09 - 10:14 am

  76. Suellen Demaline -

    OMG..that is sooooooo cute! I love your dog too!! What bread is he???? Is he going to be a Daddy some day???

      2.13.09 - 11:11 am

  77. Teddy -

    Polo has a charm. He’s really adorable.

      2.13.09 - 11:27 am

  78. Dee -

    OMG – Polo is muy adorable! hehe 😉

      2.13.09 - 12:47 pm

  79. Helga Schaefer -

    awwwwww….I LOVE IT!!!!!

      2.13.09 - 1:45 pm

  80. Leah Robinson -

    OMG, seriously I cried!!! How cute!!!!!

      2.13.09 - 2:25 pm

  81. Jenn -

    Oh my goodness. He is soo cute! Thanks for sharing the video!

      2.13.09 - 2:32 pm

  82. Leah Charbonneau -

    Yay! I love Polo! I love dogs! My Gracie (yellow lab) is my furry little baby. I *completely* understand your love (and Ann’s love) for dogs and their personalities. Whenever I have a dog for a client, I can’t help but be happy!

      2.13.09 - 2:44 pm

  83. Jodi {In Any Event} -

    Hilarious comments on your dog being a diva! I know how that goes.

    I’m excited to see you mention Anton, we had the pleasure of working with him last month at our event. Both you and he have an exquisite style to your work!

      2.13.09 - 2:56 pm

  84. Bobbie Brown -

    Too stink’in CUTE!

      2.13.09 - 3:01 pm

  85. rowena -

    hahaha! Love it! Were you instructing Polo to say "CHEESE!"

      2.13.09 - 3:03 pm

  86. allie -

    I am in LOVE. TOO cute. It makes me want to go do a session with my dog!

      2.13.09 - 3:21 pm

  87. jen -

    I LOVE IT! Polo is too cute – and such a natural in front of the camera. 🙂

      2.13.09 - 3:53 pm

  88. Andy Rhee -

    That video is a job well done! Polo is awesome!!

      2.13.09 - 4:27 pm

  89. Stephanie Stewart -

    Polo Redford! What a star! He is just adorable as I mentioned before. I love his sweet personality and energy. I say, if he wants Evian, give it to him! 😉

      2.13.09 - 5:20 pm

  90. Shannon McFarland -

    Hey Jasmine…you are so not alone in LOVING your Polo Posts….I am a HUGE fan of that LOVABLE Maltese face….I have two, I have to say he looks so big compared to mine….lol that or he is just nice & fluffy….hahaha mine are only 7 & 8 lbs….of PURE, NEVER ENDING, FREE OF JUDGEMENT, THE BEST FRIENDS ON EARTH, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!! WE ARE SO BLESSED….the others don’t know what they are missing…lol 😉 Shannon

      2.13.09 - 5:24 pm

  91. Fishgirl -

    Polo is the cutties little thing ever!! I consider him a dive long time ago!!

      2.13.09 - 5:36 pm

  92. Kelly | Purple Lemon Designs -

    Awww…Sweet Polo. I love your doggie posts. Keep ’em comin!

      2.13.09 - 5:38 pm

  93. Heidi -

    Oh goodness….that is a sweet little video of Polo. What a little Star.

      2.13.09 - 6:08 pm

  94. Brooke Ogilvie -

    Awww I love this video! Ya’ll were oh so cute and I’m now going to go take pictures of my dogs:)

      2.13.09 - 8:19 pm

  95. Betsy, La Vida -

    Ooh, ooh, ooh… I think I’m one of the unnamed dog geeks! I would be showing of my pup’s appearance like mad!! LOVE it so much. What a cutiepatootie. And the "polo" on Polo is a flippin’ crackup!

      2.13.09 - 11:16 pm

  96. chatti -

    i think my cat is in love with polo. he came up to the computer screen and started licking it. lol. he either wants to eat your dog or he wants a big puppy kiss. haha.

      2.14.09 - 5:10 am

  97. Jasmine Marie -

    Is it even possible to love Polo even MORE? 🙂

      2.14.09 - 7:22 am

  98. Amanda McMahon -

    Oh my gosh, he is jut adorable. I wanna squeeze him he’s so cute (wel not squeeze TOO hard…dont wanna hurt the lil fella)…and you guys are gorgeous!

      2.14.09 - 3:00 pm

  99. Heidi @ Zenadia -

    Your dog is SO cute!!

      2.14.09 - 11:50 pm

  100. Marie -

    That is too cute!

      2.15.09 - 12:52 am

  101. ksen : ) -

    ok, i am a huge animal lover in general & i love, love my dog…. and Polo, of course! but that was the cutest thing EVER! as if you could fall anymore in love with Polo… it was just awesome to be able to see his cute little personality through the video. thanks for sharing! see you SOON. 😀

      2.15.09 - 1:09 pm

  102. Jessica -

    My 2 year old son LOVED this movie. We watched it several times in a row and then he cried when I told him we had to stop.

      2.15.09 - 10:30 pm

  103. cassandra m -

    My HEART just completely MELTED! Awesome photos by Ann and love that video by Anton! We should call him "Polo Star" now…ha.ha.

      2.16.09 - 4:37 pm

  104. Justine -

    This makes me miss my Oliver.

      2.18.09 - 9:31 pm

  105. Tony -

    Cute dog. I want a promo too!

      2.19.09 - 3:11 am

  106. Robin Dini -

    I love Anne! She’s so amazing and has the best personality. This is so freakin’ cute! you must be very proud "parents".

      2.25.09 - 12:54 am

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