Power of Photographs


I’ve always known the power of a photograph. Even as a child I embraced the grip photos had on my emotions. I suppose I got it from my mother, a woman who catalogues photos the way one might do with stamps. She’s an avid collector. Of memories.

For Christmas I decided to combine recent family photos on a canvas for her gift. I had a little difficulty finding the perfect place to get the custom 18×24 canvas made, but when I discovered Simply Canvas, I knew I was in great hands. Many thanks to Adam for helping me out in a pinch!

Here’s a few reactions to her gift…although she might kill me for posting pictures of her without her makeup on. Oh, and I should also mention I inherited a love for Christmas cards from her, as seen here….

Shortly after opening the gift, my mom asked my dad for a hammer because she wanted to put it on the wall. That instant.

I love my mother. And I think this photo proves I’m definitely her favorite! 😉

Happy Sunday!