Professional Photographers of Oregon


When I was 10 years old, my twin sister and I were taken out for our birthdays. John, a family friend, took his daughter and he treated us three girls to a late-lunch at one of the fanciest restaurants I had ever eaten. Olive Garden. We sat at a window table–over looking scenic views of the 60 Freeway–and I gazed around the restaurant in complete wonder. I rearranged my ironed jeans (because, really, you MUST iron your jeans for fine dining) as I sat in the pleather chair. When the waitress took our drink order, John raised his hand and hushed our pleas for soda. The girls will have strawberry daiquiris…without the alcohol, of course. He then winked our way as if we were sharing a secret.

It was the first time I’d ever been allowed to order anything but water at a restaurant, and as I slurped the bright pink confection, I happily slipped into a sugar coma. At that moment, I felt like the luckiest girl alive. With my brown eyes just above the lip of the oblong glass, I smiled. And the sounds of freight trucks on the 60 Freeway filled the air.

Last night, I sipped on camomile tea and watched cars fly down 28th Street in Portland, Oregon. Sitting in Papa Haydn’s, mixed desserts filled the table and JD and I toasted to a wonderful day. I had the pleasure of speaking at the PPO Conference and I was delighted to teach such an AMAZING group of photographers. From the moment I walked into the ballroom, I was treated like an old friend and welcomed into their club immediately. I can’t say enough great things about the leadership, the organization, and the energy of this group!

JD and I walked down 28th Street with our hands pushed deep into our coat pockets. As we window shopped–and I dreamed of donning a apricot colored dress in a boutique window–my breath danced in the air like filigree. We ducked into Papa Haydn’s to escape the cold and share dessert. I couldn’t decide what dessert I wanted and went back and forth what felt like a million times. JD then told the waitress he’d like to order four desserts…I want to make sure she can taste the best Portland has to offer.

It was the first time someone had ever ordered four desserts just to ensure I could taste each of them, and as I nibbled on each confection, I happily slipped into a sugar coma. With my brown eyes just above the lip of the tea cup, I smiled. And the sounds of flying cars of 28th Street filled the air.

A special thanks must go to Andy of Front Street Photo for being a wonderful host and taking the above photo. He also gave me a gift bag on behalf of PPO and in it a few attendees wrote thank you notes. I was SO touched reading such kind words and my heart melted on my way home. I LOVE PORTLAND! 🙂