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It was almost a year ago. Almost to the day. Last January, I blogged about goal setting; it’s importance and how vital it is to entrepreneurs. I wasn’t brave enough to list all my goals for 2008 (com’on…it’s kinda like opening a junior high diary…it’s private and really only makes sense to you…and your 8th grade love for heartthrob Joseph Tessier), but one hope I held closely to my heart was getting published. I wanted one of my weddings to appear in a national magazine, but it was something I quietly dreamed of. I wrote in a journal my goals for 2008, but I wondered if they’d come to fruition.

Lo and behold, as life often works, I received news that Kasey and Nick’s Seattle wedding is published in INSIDE WEDDINGS Magazine, on newsstands now! I’m beyond humbled…and thrilled…and elated…and all, JD, it’s time to open a bottle of Pellegrino, baby! Life is sweet. But it’s even sweeter when goals are met and hopes attained. What made the news even better was I discovered my past bride Nicole Silva (of Nicole and Aaron’s wedding) was the editor who wrote the feature…what a double dose of fabulousness!! Holllllla for my two amazing brides…I love you Kasey and Nicole…you both made me feel so blessed to do what I love. Thank you.

Here’s a sneak peek, but check out the feature yourself at your local bookstore!