Pura Vida


I forgot where I was when I woke this morning. The melodic tunes of a Costa Rican trio floated into our casita this morning and mouth-watering scents of breakfast foods wafted through our windows. I woke to the sounds of birds who sing like New York construction workers whistling as a pretty girl walks by. Wheeeeet, Wheeeeeeeele

My sister, Bianca, knocked lightly on our door and reminded JD and me the owners of our villa were throwing a party. In the morning. That’s just they way the pura vida is experienced. Parties in the morning. Work will be still be there after a few mimosas, so why rush life?

Bianca decided to join us here in Costa Rica and it’ll be nice ringing in the new year with a piece of my family. I fear, however, she’ll now want to go with us to EVERY destination wedding because we’re having the time of our lives. She promises she’ll be the best bag carrier in the world. Ever.

After a long brunch, we went to the beach and swam in the warm water. We found warm pools of beach water (which felt like warm bath) and read until my eyes were too heavy to keep open. I then retired to a beach towel and slept under the warm sun.

We’re off to dinner in a couple hours where we’ll watch the sun set and anxiously await what tomorrow holds. Although we’re in no rush for it to arrive. I think that’s what they call pura vida, the pure life.

Here’s sneak peek from yesterday’s wedding…the full post will appear on the blog when I return home from vacation.