Reaching and Touching


I’m such a sucker for good marketing. No, I’m not into commercials or slogans, but I love good marketing when I see it.

Just Do It.
Got Milk?
Think Different.

When I was a child, AT&T launched its Reach Out and Touch Someone campaign and–even after all these years–the words have always stuck.

As a full-time photographer, I find myself alone more than I find myself interacting with others. I love working from home and the silence of my work space, but there are times when my desk–complete with its myriad of colorful post-its and a bottle of water–feels lonely. Polo keeps me company and even though I know he understands me when I speak to him (sort of, anyway), he just snuggles up next to my legs and naps most of the day away. I call JD at least 1,762 times a day, but it’s still not a true substitute for human interaction.

A couple nights ago, myself, Jessica Claire, Marisa Holmes, and Kelly (Marisa’s good friend) got together for dinner in Laguna Beach. We dined on the rooftop of Mozambique and if it wasn’t for the continuous music of U2 playing in the background, we might have heard the waves crashing. It was an amazing evening! Not merely because of the great company, but because we were able to simply connect. The whole reach-out-and-touch-someone feeling, if you will. We spoke about life, business, and–ahem–boys, and when the time came for us to go our separate ways, we realized we needed to do it more often.

If you’re a photographer right now and you’re wondering about the last time you went out with some friends, it’s been too long. If you haven’t spoken to your best friend in over a week, it’s been too long. If you’ve spent more hours in front of the computer than you have been away from it, you need to go out and smell the roses. Or the salty Laguna Beach sea air.

Reach Out and Touch Someone!