Sacramento, Photography, and Denny’s


It was close to 11:30pm. I curled up on the hotel bed in a fetal position and craved sleep, but that’s when JD reminded me of my ravaging hunger. I hadn’t eaten almost the entire day because of how nervous I get to speak in front of large crowds, but when he mentioned food, I almost ate my pillow. I quickly changed and we scoured the freezing streets of Sacramento for an open restaurant.

We found Denny’s two blocks away.

We ate and reviewed the day. The presentation for Professional Photographers of Sacramento Valley went well and we compared notes of all the amazing people we met. The room was filled to capacity with 115 fabulous photographers, and I felt right at home as they welcomed us like family. It was awesome.

As we were about to leave Denny’s, a man walked in a sat a table across from us. Non-descript, multiple sweaters, nervous shake. Though we were uncertain, we soon guessed he was someone down on his luck, perhaps with special needs. He ate by himself, and reviewed the nutrition facts on the menu for what seemed like an eternity.

Our bill arrived and we went to the cashier to pay. JD handed over payment, then quietly asked our waitress if he could pay for both bills–ours and the gentleman who sat across from us. It was as if he read my heart. Without words, he knew exactly what to do…what should be done.

Thank you, Sacramento, for making me fall more in love with my husband’s heart.

Speaking of my husband, he forgot to bring his camera to the presentation last night. Hold on, let me repeat that: HE FORGOT HIS CAMERA. Don’t worry, folks…he’s a professional. In lieu of this, I decided to host a last-minute contest! Many congrats to…

Kira Lauren

We’re so gangsta…

Jennifer Brotchie

Diane Jago…this is my favorite photo of the night. Diane even blogged she saw JD laughing at my jokes. Oh, Internet, this is PROOF my husband thinks I’m funny…booyah!

Lastly, many thanks to Jon Orfanos for making us feel extra welcomed!