Safe To Say


I’m sitting in the office right now and the smells of lunch are wafting through the house. I couldn’t decide where I wanted to eat, complained of not consuming enough leafy green vegetables, then ran upstairs to finish work for The Workshop. I think it’s safe to say I’ve officially driven you crazy. You’re grilling a soy chicken breast for my salad, and crisping bacon for your BLT sandwich. We couldn’t be more different. Where I’ll simply find more work to do and ignore the hunger pains, you’ll move to action. Is it safe to say we make a good team?

Today while walking Polo you turned to me and said, You just need to think of a really great idea! Just like that. Like I have an overabundance of great ideas. And–I have to admit–it drove me crazy, the way you push me to think beyond myself. After a bit of silence, I came up with an idea. Not a great idea, but an idea. And it was a start. Is it safe to say we make a good team?

In the morning, I wake to your peaceful face, your eyelids flickering the last bit of blissful dreaming. By the afternoon, I’ve most likely drained your morning cup of long-suffering, yet you continue to stand by my side, pushing me to think beyond myself. Yes, I think it’s safe to say we make a good team.