San Francisco Engagement : Gladys + Chris

San Francisco Engagement : Gladys + Chris


It was the first thing he said to her. And neither of them have forgotten it. Nice legs, Chris said the first time he saw Gladys. Coming from a complete stranger, it should’ve been awkward, but Chris possesses humor and charm, and when he quickly followed up with complimenting the animal-print tights she wore, Gladys simply laughed and struck up conversation with Chris. He was introduced to her by a mutual friend at church and they spent the evening chatting about his recent stint in Asia teaching english.

Gladys simply thought it was a chance meeting, but she later discovered Chris noticed her from around the world. On Facebook. She was in a picture with one of his friends and she popped from the screen. Chris thought she was beautiful and made every effort to fall in line with her view when he returned to the US, months later. His efforts paid off that day at church and when she sat next to him and offered him some of the almonds she snacked on, he knew he was in.

In the weeks that followed, Gladys and Chris planned dates around their favorite San Francisco spots, laughed at each others’ random jokes, and–soon enough–changed their relationship status to “Engaged” on the very thing that brought them together: Facebook. Gladys loves how much Chris pushes, encourages, and loves her…Chris loves how Gladys makes him laugh, see the world, and listen to what he says in between the lines. I’m honored to be shooting their wedding in Sonoma later this year, especially after getting to know them in San Francisco for their engagement session…here are a few of my favs…

We started in their new apartment, where gorgeous light peered in from the San Francisco streets…

The great thing about classic architecture is the overabundance of windows and light…

Ring, ring…

Before we headed out, we had to have some fun in their old school elevator…

Just a few streets away is Gladys’ favorite cupcake bakery…no, really, she’s addicted. We paused for a bit before getting our sweet on…

She’s tasted every cupcake flavor at That Takes the Cake and knows just how good sugar should taste…she’s even planned to have these at her wedding…awwww, yeah….

We then drove to Majestic Forest in San Francisco…and the light was ahhhh-mazing…

Glad, you’re fierce…and boy oh boy do you know how to SMEYEZ! (For those who are confused, ‘smeyez’ is smiling with your eyes)

Love…love…love…one of the best things about this couple is that they’re San Francisco wedding photographers, and they sure know how to have fun behind and in front of the lens!

And your shoes? Yes, I’ll take a pair for myself…

To view more of Gladys and Chris’ San Francisco engagement session, CLICK HERE for a slideshow!

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  1. Princess -

    you really captured their pure love for each other. I know you hear this alot, but you are amazing and you are my inspiration.
    (I’ve been too intimidated to comment on your blog, but today is a new day)
    thanks for being so fabulous!

      4.26.10 - 12:39 pm

  2. Lora Ayers -

    Jasmine, What a great way to start the morning here in GA. A new E session on the blog so early on a Monday, love it! Love, Ring,ring, and the old elevator, and the light in the woods!! 🙂 Have a great week, Lora

      4.26.10 - 12:48 pm

  3. angela young -

    wow….love these!!! Gorgeous couple, beautiful ring, yummy cupcakes, and awesome light. Can it get any better?!?!?! 🙂

      4.26.10 - 12:53 pm

  4. Tosha -

    These are rocking hot sausages, oh and that dress is to die for!

      4.26.10 - 12:55 pm

  5. Jennifer Ballard -

    Wow! Gorgeous! It is so exciting to see someone I know on one of my favourite blogs! Gladys and Chris, you both are beautiful, and Jasmine, you captured them perfectly!

      4.26.10 - 1:00 pm

  6. Lisa -

    Wow. Love these! My favorites would have to be in the elevator and the ones in the forest. Looks like you had some amazing light! Beautiful pictures as always J*.

      4.26.10 - 1:05 pm

  7. Blair -

    Beautiful!! The forest looks magical. I am always so excited when a see a new post first thing in the morning 🙂

      4.26.10 - 1:17 pm

  8. Shona -

    Beautiful photos. Love her engagement ring!

      4.26.10 - 1:18 pm

  9. Megan (Best of Fates) -

    Those photos are fantastic – I especially love the one of their lower bodies and the cupcakes on the table.

      4.26.10 - 1:34 pm

  10. Chris -

    That’s me! er…US! They look fantastic!!! Thank you soooo much Jasmine! We had a blast that day and loved every second of it.

      4.26.10 - 1:37 pm

  11. Michelle O -

    I’m in love!!! Gladys and Chris, you are both awesome!! Love the pics and can’t wait to see you both real soon…LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics of Gladys laughing in Chris’ arms.

      4.26.10 - 1:53 pm

  12. gladys jem -

    i love them. each and every single one of them. thank you for making us laugh, and feel comfortable in front of the camera. we love you! ajflaksjdfklajflkjdfjl 😉

      4.26.10 - 1:58 pm

  13. Anda -

    Oh oh oh — how to even begin here?! Jasmine, I love how you captured Gladys and Chris’ fun-loving and sweet love. My faves are definitely the ones where Gladys is laughing, notably the two where Chris is spinning her around in his arms. Chris, you look soo good and male modely, and Gladys … well girl, you are one of my favorites forever and you TOTALLY rocked the smize, the outfits, the SHOES and the gorgeousness inside and outside of you. You truly look beautiful — a knock-out. This will be my all time favorite session until their wedding is posted!!

      4.26.10 - 2:04 pm

  14. Julie Hartman Photography -

    I love her yellow polka dots! So cute.

      4.26.10 - 2:11 pm

  15. Julie Renee -

    LOVE THESE!! They are such a fun couple, and you captured their personalities so well! The cupcakes are SO Gladys. Nice work, Jasmine!

      4.26.10 - 2:14 pm

  16. Kaysha -

    So fun!!

      4.26.10 - 2:15 pm

  17. Megan Swanson -

    Great shots! What time of day do you like to shoot? You always have the most amazing light!

      4.26.10 - 2:22 pm

  18. Radelle -

    Jasmine you captured our beautiful Gladys perfectly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I love her!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Chris too 🙂
    Nicely done friend. Nicely done.

      4.26.10 - 2:28 pm

  19. Catie Ronquillo -

    I LOVE That Takes the Cake! I had clients show up to a session with 6 of those goodies just for me. Can you say insta-friends?! They are such a cute couple! I wish I had met them when I was still an SF photog. 🙂

      4.26.10 - 2:32 pm

  20. Alicia Damron -

    Uh-oh, I think you just gave yourself away as an ANTM watcher! I love that show myself. These are beautiful, the shots in the apartment are great, especially the elevator one. Actually, they all are!

      4.26.10 - 2:32 pm

  21. Catie Ronquillo -

    I LOVE That Takes the Cake! I had clients show up to a session with 6 of those goodies just for me. Can you say insta-friends?! They are such a cute couple! I wish I had met them when I was still an SF photog. 🙂

      4.26.10 - 2:33 pm

  22. Lindsey Joy -

    Gladys!!!! You and Chris are too cute! I love that you shot in your apartment and with cupcakes!!! So perfect! Amazing work j* 🙂 🙂

      4.26.10 - 2:49 pm

  23. kristine atienza -

    gladys and chris! you two look absolutely stunningly amazing!! I love love love LOVE these images that jasmine captured of you two!! all that working out definitely paid off 😉 i just know you’re screaming with happiness and excitement! 🙂 miss you!

      4.26.10 - 2:59 pm

  24. nicole -

    Awesome as always! I love this dress & need to own it. Any idea where she got it?

      4.26.10 - 3:09 pm

  25. anouschka -

    Gladys, you look gorgeous!!
    Awesome photos Jasmine, you’ve really captured their love and spirit in these images. Love them!

      4.26.10 - 3:15 pm

  26. krista lucas -

    they are ADORABLE! and SMEYES! ah, tyra. 🙂 i love SF……
    awesome photos jasmine!!

      4.26.10 - 3:21 pm

  27. Erin Hernandez-Reisner -

    I love love love her shoes, they are so darling. And the couple looks like such a joy to work with. They have fab. photos to boot. Congrats!

      4.26.10 - 3:27 pm

  28. Simone -

    Oh la la! Great shoes, great lighting, gorgeous couple. These are simply fabulous, Jasmine!

      4.26.10 - 3:41 pm

  29. Carissa -

    oh my gosssssh. every time i come to your blog i wonder how you’ll outdo yourself. yet every time i come back and i’m more amazed. these are flawless. such gorgeous lighting!! thank you for continuing to inspire. enjoy your self-proclaimed day off 🙂

      4.26.10 - 3:45 pm

  30. Emily Steffen -


    You look amazingly happy together…and not to mention super cute! 🙂

      4.26.10 - 3:46 pm

  31. Mikaela -

    Oh my gosh I love these – especially the apartment shots – and especially the ones taken in the elevator. So great!

      4.26.10 - 3:57 pm

  32. Amanda Rae -

    GLADYS!!! You are soooo smoking hot! And put me in for an order of those shoes as well! 🙂

      4.26.10 - 4:10 pm

  33. briana elledge -

    helloooooooo gorgeous shoes, can you have her go ahead and send a pair over to me too, 😉 lovely………..and the pics are pretty sweet too miss! love the wide shot in the elevator, very sexy! nicely done miss, nicely done…

      4.26.10 - 4:28 pm

  34. carina -

    OH MY WORD! These are beautiful! Great job Jasmine!

      4.26.10 - 4:55 pm

  35. Jennifer Brotchie -


      4.26.10 - 4:58 pm

  36. life with Kaishon -

    I love her shoes 🙂 and her cupcakes! And I love his big personality! You can totally see it shining thru!

      4.26.10 - 4:59 pm

  37. inland Empire Wedding Photographer -

    ooooh, I am loving her shoes. I also love the shots in the elavator so cute~

      4.26.10 - 5:17 pm

  38. Colorado Wedding Photographer, JasonG -

    Great shots – as always. I love how relaxed your clients are when they’re with you… totally at ease!

      4.26.10 - 5:31 pm

  39. Katie Jane Parker -

    Gorgeous!! And her shoes are to die for! Amazing work as always.

      4.26.10 - 5:39 pm

  40. Damaris Mia -

    love it! great job, J!

      4.26.10 - 5:54 pm

  41. Bre Thurston -

    I love how the story evolves from their apartment, to a snack, to the forest. It makes it feel so "real" – fabulous work, as always!

      4.26.10 - 5:59 pm

  42. angel pope -

    Great photos. As much as I love your photos I get so depressed after looking at them cuz I really suck in comparison!!!

      4.26.10 - 5:59 pm

  43. amanda thiessen -

    beautiful! gladys is so stinken cute! 🙂 love the lighting in all these <3

      4.26.10 - 6:10 pm

  44. Evie Perez -

    Great pictures! Love me some cup cakes.

      4.26.10 - 6:19 pm

  45. s h e r r y -

    THEY ARE SO CUTE! <3 I love their apartment too…

      4.26.10 - 6:27 pm

  46. whoopie -

    This looks awesome!

      4.26.10 - 6:36 pm

  47. Meg -

    Gladys, you guys look amazing and so in love! Wonderful location choices and such great style! J- rockstar as USUAL! xoxoxo

      4.26.10 - 6:44 pm

  48. Romonia -

    Beautiful! L-O-V-E her ring and those shoes! Great shots as always J*! Btw, I thought you were taking the day off! 😉

      4.26.10 - 6:53 pm

  49. Girish -

    The great thing about classic architecture is the overabundance of windows and light…

    Agreed totally.

    Wonderful shots as well. The later shots has a great location too.

      4.26.10 - 7:59 pm

  50. Candace Prokopets -

    I’ve been waiting for these pics after meeting Gladys and Chris at a party recently. She told me Jasmine would be photographing them and I was excited to see their pics. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Gladys, love the clothes you picked out! Love all the smiles and laughter. Great job, J*!

      4.26.10 - 8:48 pm

  51. Kristin Partin -

    that is a VERY popular esession dress! yay for anthro! and that second location is strictly fantastic. It’s all whimsy and you captured it perfectly. as always.

      4.26.10 - 8:52 pm

  52. Katie -

    Just gorgeous. Every single one.

      4.26.10 - 10:01 pm

  53. ala -

    i LOVE everything about this session! fabulous, fabulous, fabulous! both of you! xoxo

      4.26.10 - 10:28 pm

  54. Nick -

    awesome set. great stuff!

      4.26.10 - 11:51 pm

  55. Brittani -

    I agree with Kristin:: that second location?? ‘Da bomb.’ lol These came out great, and I love that they’re photographers too! It’s super fun to see..they have such a pretty story here in the pictures.

      4.27.10 - 12:00 am

  56. julie h -

    aww, Gladys is so sweet! 🙂 and i love that dress! I tried it on for a photo shoot too but just couldn’t pull it off like that!

      4.27.10 - 12:00 am

  57. Pua -

    LOVE this – Gladys is gorgeous, and these photos came out so nice!!

      4.27.10 - 12:36 am

  58. lucy -

    great great shoot 🙂 loveee it!

      4.27.10 - 1:04 am

  59. Jen -

    LOVE her yellow shoes and complementary dress!!

      4.27.10 - 1:19 am

  60. Rae Marie -

    Love her polka dot dress!! That ring shot is awesome! You seem to capture ‘them’ so well in all of your engagement sessions – nice work.

      4.27.10 - 4:24 am

  61. Christine Pobke -

    SOOOOOO gorgeous! And you know they’re going to have some hottie kids too! 🙂 Love the location, their look, her SHOES (!!!) and the backlighting. Beautiful session, Jas! xoxo

      4.27.10 - 4:28 am

  62. Marissa Rodriguez -

    I’ll take a pair of her shoes too. Size 6.5 please. Gorgeous photos!

      4.27.10 - 4:45 am

  63. Apple -

    wow! i love her shoes too!:) she kinda looks filipino.. <3

      4.27.10 - 8:17 am

  64. Linda Sherrill -

    Love love love the forest shots!

      4.27.10 - 11:43 am

  65. Shannon K. -

    What an adorable couple!
    Great shots!

      4.27.10 - 2:38 pm

  66. nikki -

    She’s gorgeous. Kinda reminds me of the beautiful Cheryl Burke on DWTS.

      4.27.10 - 3:26 pm

  67. Leyla -

    What a cute couple! Love this shoot! =)

      4.27.10 - 6:29 pm

  68. Bobbie Brown -

    Ohhh, I LURV these images! Wowzers!

      4.27.10 - 6:36 pm

  69. sarah -


      4.27.10 - 6:50 pm

  70. toronto photographer- Mariusz -

    some great shots, I like the faceless ones – they play nicely on imagination. cheers

      4.27.10 - 9:19 pm

  71. Erica Velasco -

    Her shoes are pretty awesome!

      4.27.10 - 10:41 pm

  72. Tricia -

    Awesome as always Jasmine!

      4.27.10 - 10:52 pm

  73. Christy -

    Awww. They looked like a fun couple. I love the shot inside the cupcake store.

      4.27.10 - 11:01 pm

  74. Emily Scott -

    My client wore that same polka dot dress at our engagement shoot yesterday!! Our clients have great taste.
    Love this whole set too, captures some of my favorites of the city!

      4.27.10 - 11:11 pm

  75. Kia Gregory -

    Looks like you missed the rain in San Francisco! Gorgeous images. Fun couple. Cannot wait to see their images from their day.

      4.28.10 - 5:06 am

  76. David Champagne Photography -

    Beautiful, as always! 😉

      4.28.10 - 7:07 am

  77. Vlad -


      4.29.10 - 2:58 am

  78. Gracen -

    My sister and my future bro in law are looking amazing!!! Swaaagggggggg! 🙂 awesome shots, miss Star!

      4.29.10 - 5:46 am

  79. David -

    Nice series! I especially like the outdoor set.

      4.29.10 - 7:13 am

  80. Chelsea Patricia -

    OMG–I really love this session…awesome lighting manipulation!

      4.29.10 - 3:15 pm

  81. Lake Tahoe wedding photographer -

    Beautiful couple and the light is delicious!

      4.29.10 - 4:45 pm

  82. Evonne & Darren Photography -

    They are such a happy couple… look at the smiles on their faces! LOVE it! And it’s a bonus that they are from my hometown too! 🙂

      4.30.10 - 9:13 am

  83. Dianne Jago -

    Oh my gosh, these are HOT!!!! Gladys, you and your fiance both look super cute and as always Jasmine, you did a rockin’ job! I’m in love and really wish I could’ve stood from afar and watched the session 🙂 Love, love, love these! YAY!

      4.30.10 - 11:36 pm

  84. jamie delaine -

    that last outfit in the forest: perfection. love the two side by side where they are laughing. 😉

      5.2.10 - 4:58 am

  85. Christina -

    Where is that dress from? I love it. Gladys, you look beautiful.

      5.2.10 - 7:35 pm

  86. Liz Kausteklis -

    So CUTE!! Love her shoes of course, and they are adorable together!!

      5.3.10 - 4:37 am

  87. Ivan Luckie -

    Impresive as always Jasmine!

      5.3.10 - 6:08 am

  88. Jessica -

    Wow! Love these shots! Could her shoes be any more fabulous?!

      5.5.10 - 9:01 pm

  89. Morgane -

    Hi!!! I’m Brazilian and I didn’t know you job! I loved!! very much!! Recently I buyed a camera ’cause I like very much photos, but I’m very principiant…ehehehe I add your blog in my favorites! =)

      5.14.10 - 1:59 pm

  90. kat hanafin -

    LOVE the one outside the bakery, with the two cupcakes on the table.

      5.15.10 - 2:55 am

  91. Jen Graber -

    These are amazing! Love the light in the apartment!

      5.17.10 - 3:41 am

  92. Diana -

    I love the shots in the woods with all the trees…so beautiful. PS you have the most beautiful pictures and brides on your blog!! They must see your beauty and know that you are the right person to photograph them! 🙂 LOVE UR BLOG!

      5.21.10 - 12:36 am

  93. gayle -

    i love the vintage black and white elevator shot! great lighting. ^^

      5.23.10 - 12:54 pm

  94. Brian Fletcher -

    Awesome shots…!

      5.25.10 - 8:00 am

  95. Cheryl Cronin -

    Oh you slay me with the "ring, ring". That’s my kind of humor 🙂 Beautiful photos!

      5.25.10 - 9:24 pm

  96. Rainbow Memories Photographie -

    Your work is so beautiful with all those lovers!!! Wow!!!!

      5.27.10 - 3:14 pm

  97. Scott Kelsey -

    Awesome Work… My favorite is the fallen tree.

      5.31.10 - 8:25 pm

  98. miami wedding photographer -

    Very nice pictures. I like the almost metallic-blueish look on him.

      6.1.10 - 12:15 am

  99. Chris Griffiths -

    Love some of those secret spots around the city!

      6.2.10 - 6:27 pm


    Beautiful work!

      6.11.10 - 2:07 am

  101. clare -

    Fab work as always j* x

      6.16.10 - 10:20 am

  102. Jay -

    I love the cropped photos you’ve created in this album. It refocuses the attention of the photo on the details (ie. shoes, legs, cupcakes, etc.) Love it! Very artistic and beautiful! 🙂

      7.16.10 - 1:58 am

  103. Maria -

    I want to know where she got that blue and yellow polka dot dress!! 🙂 It’s so cute! they make a very cute couple, and he is right, she is beautiful!

      8.23.10 - 1:53 pm

  104. gladys jem -

    i go on your blog and watch the slideshow all the’re the best! im super emotional right now and im crying. LOL xoxox

      10.20.10 - 12:57 am

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