Seattle Engagement Shoot : Keaton + Maddie


Three weeks ago I stood in the RESTART studio and nervously paced the cement floor. Shooting always makes me nervous, but shooting in front of a studio audience and photographers watching online made me downright scurrrrred. I was seconds away from breathing into a brown paper bag for support.

For those who aren’t familiar with RESTART, it’s a three-month photography business makeover. I’m meeting once a month for three months for this free online show, so if you’d like to join us on February 13, 2013 as we chat about Developing a Web Presence…Pricing…and Defining Your Brand, feel free to register here.

During Episode One, we focused on the Shooting Experience and using three words to help direct how we photograph our clients in ways that’ll help attract more of what we want to shoot. It was an absolute honor working with a beautiful, real-life couple, Keaton and Maddie…and many thanks to the team who pulled together to make this Seattle engagement session come together…

Concept + Styling: Jenn Blake
Hair + Makeup: Tiffany Colors
Props + Rentals: Scout Vintage Rentals + Homestead Seattle
Photography: Jasmine Star

I’m especially excited because the uber fab Jen Campbell of Green Wedding Shoes will be sharing more images from this shoot later today as well!

Keaton and Maddie met in college and through the years they’ve developed a love that’s seen in small, quiet moments. It’s seen in the way Keaton places his hand on the small of Maddie’s back, and it the way she intertwines her arms around his when they sit next to each other. And it’s beautiful.

While in college, Keaton saw Maddie hanging out with a group of friends along the Washington shore. With his bare chest showing and his shirt wrapped around his head, he approached Maddie and somehow won her over with his unrelenting charm. Maddie embraces her silly side as well…something Keaton appreciates on a daily basis.

Maddie loves the details in life. Yes, details like decor and colors and accessories, but real details too. Keaton recounted a story when Maddie walked in while he was meeting with a client and reminded him of the sandwich she packed for his lunch. Yes, those details.

The theme of the engagement session was A Cozy Day In…here’s a bit of the inspiration origin from Jenn Blake’s perspective…
“I really wanted to vibe of the shoot to reflect all of those feelings that come while being home : blissful, lazy, relaxed, comfortable, casual and safe – home is that place where you are just yourself. I wanted the shoot to be reflective of the ease that comes from spending time with the one you love in the comforts of your own space just the two of you.”

One of the reasons I like the photo on the left is because Maddie admits to being a touchy-feely type of girl and it’s common for her to be seen casually rubbing Keaton’s back or leg. Just to let him know she’s there. And in love.

To those who participated in person and watched online…THANK YOU. The shoot was a success in part of your support and encouragement. If you’d like to see more of this shoot, feel free to check out Green Wedding Shoes today!