Dear JD,
I tried to run away from my shadow as a kid once. I attempted to trick it by juking side to side, like I was competing for the Heisman. Except I wasn’t athletic. Then I told my brain to stick out my right hand, but I extended my left. You know, to throw things off and stuff. But there it remained. My shadow. In all its roundness.

Many years later, I’m happy I never outwitted my shadow because its permanence means something to me. A whole lot, in fact. It’s proven my love, much like your shadow, won’t be going anywhere without you. This past year has proven to be much of muchness, and there were times when we felt spread thin…so thin. And there our love remained. Like our shadow on a hot summer day.

I once heard it said it’s rare to publicly thank those you love. So. Here I am. Publicly thanking you. For, basically, keeping me from falling into a thousand misshaped pieces. For keeping my shadow connected to yours, and reminding me muchness is nothing without the person you love.

Appreciatively yours,