Shooting Star : Art of an Interview


While we were on vacation last week, we were invited to join guests at a cocktail party, hosted by the resort. JD happily responded, yes, he’d lovvvve to go. He used that many V’s when he said it. Sometimes he’s way too nice. Using too many consonants to emphasize a point seems a little much, right? Anyway, as we made our way to the party, I begged him to turn around, go back to our room and catch up on reruns of Antique Roadshow, because–really–I’m so awkward at things like that. He patted my back and said I’d be finnnnne.


Sometimes I’m envious of JD’s innate ability to simply walk into a room and be. He’s equally at ease talking to the busboy or the CEO, and kindly listens to people with his magnetic smile. And me? Well, you’ll find me by the buffet station.

At the end of the party, we left with a few new friends and memories. I was happy I attended, but it also made me appreciate how far I’ve come to meeting new people and creating powerful conversations. If you’re anything like me, meeting prospective clients is sometimes hard…especially because there isn’t a buffet line to hind behind! It’s gotten easier over the years, but I decided to share a few tips that helped along the way.

This installment of Shooting Star is entitled The Art of an Interview {for socially awkward photographers….like myself}. The four tips I cover are:
*Lead with Questions.
*Craft Your Art for Their Needs.
*Do My Skills Match What They Want?
*Do The Work Beforehand.

Like always, these videos are meant to help one person…and usually based on feedback I receive on Facebook, so if you have any questions or ideas for future installments, feel free to leave them in the comment box or holla back on FB!