Shooting Star : Directive Posing


A couple months ago, I was really nervous before an engagement session. Like sweaty hand nervous, which is so who-will-ask-me-to-Homecoming, right?! I mean, how old am I and why would my hands think it’s okay to revert back to the days when I thought blond highlights looked natural on me?! GET IT TOGETHER, JASMINE.

In light of this, I begged JD to join me for the engagement session (his inner chi could calm a hurricane) and he obliged on the condition I’d treat him to McNuggets afterward (this? This is a big deal because I think McDonald’s is trying to poison Americans…yes, I watch too many documentaries). Once we arrived, I fell into my usual shooting groove and he was at liberty to shoot what he wanted. JD filmed a few behind-the-scenes moments, which demonstrate how I use Directive Posing during an engagement session.

In this Shooting Star, I’ll discuss the following…
*How I start an engagement session by using explanations to set expectations.
*How to use Directive Posing to smoothly move from one pose to the next.
*How to create naturally posed images by instructing subjects to walk while simultaneously pose.

If you’d like to see more on the topic of Directive Posing, feel free to check out THIS photography tutorial for a more in depth perspective to how I work with my clients.

Happy Wednesday!