Shooting Star : Flash, Lights + Pocket Wizards


After a few days of running around like mad and working at my desk (none of which require me to, oh, say, look even remotely presentable), I took a shower and got dressed. Oh, Internet, the way JD looked at me when I reappeared downstairs was like he saw an old friend for the first time in years. Oh, THERE you are! Geesh, I really need to, like, wear lipgloss or something so these transformations aren’t so intense. This, of course, led me to think we should do another installment of Shooting Star because I doubted I’d be out of sweatpants the rest of the week.

In this video, I’ll be discussing Lighting…
*Two handheld lights we use: 1. Sunpack Readylite 20 and 2. DotLine Video LED Light
*If I use flash outdoors and if I use standard flash settings when shooting a reception.
*Working with videographers and dealing with their light set-ups during a reception
*How I attach my Pocket Wizard to my camera and still have the ability to mount an on-camera flash.
*I won’t be discussing my off-camera light set up since I blogged about it HERE.

Also, please note…
*I spoke WAY too much in this video. I annoyed myself.
*I wore my wedding ring in this video. So now those inquiring minds won’t wonder anymore! 😉

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