Shooting Star : High Iso + Photographing at f/1.2


Okay. So I woke up this morning with the insatiable urge to be a rapper. Like, slay lyrics with the best of them. And then tonight, after a truly thug life day, I’d be all, Ice Cube-ish and say, Today was a good day. Well, I put this out on Twitter… then people challenged me to actually rap. So then I did. In 140 characters. And–boy oh boy–I should definitely stick with this photography thing.

If you came here via the link on Twitter, so sorry. This video most likely won’t change your life, but since you’re here, grab a frosty beverage and join me for the first ever video FAQ post, a new blog series we’re calling Shooting Star. Holler. Or, if I wanted to be all Lil John, Whaaaaat YEAH!

I’m so gangsta.
Yes, of course, this video needs a lot of work and every time I watch it, I cringe. No, really, my toes curl when I hear my voice blabbing on. Ugh. But at least it’s a start. And who knows what’s in store. If this was a one-time thing, then great! If not, we’ll hopefully get better in time.

Today was a good day