Shooting Star : How I Use Social Media

Shooting Star : How I Use Social Media


So a strange thing happened a couple weeks ago…and I hope it’d go away, but no such luck. Late one evening, JD flipped through television channels and happened upon a reality show called Swamp People. Basically, it chronicles the lives and trials of alligator hunters, missing teeth and all. And lemme tell you something: it’s awesome. In a unique kinda of way.

I’m a huge fan of all things reality television (just writing this makes me wanna rub my head against my college diploma to ensure I’m not that stupid), but this new show takes things to a whole new level. I’s just…I never knew people lived like that. I’m truly a city girl. When JD offered to change the channel, I covered the remote with my right hand. Jay Paul was teaching me the merits of shake-n-bake bait.

Yes, I just wrote that. WHERE’S MY DIPLOMA?!

In other news, thanks for the feedback regarding the Shooting Star and FAQ Posts…I’ve decided to alternate between video and written word for a nice balance. And I hate making decisions so this seemed very Paul Abdul-ish of me.

This week’s installment of Shooting Star will cover:
*My approach to social media.
*How I balance using social media and work.
*When I use social media.
*My Top Five Tips for social media. I love the number five.

I’ll be talking about Branding and Social Media in Akron, Ohio next week, so if you’d like to join me, I’d love to see you there!

Happy Thursday!

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  1. Emily -

    Thanks for the great tips Jasmine!! See you next week in Akron ( :

      3.24.11 - 3:25 pm

  2. sherri lynn -

    thanks, jasmine! these are some of the best suggestions i’ve heard for how to use social media to your benefit and how to grow, both in business and personally, from it. appreciate the time you take to share these things!

      3.24.11 - 3:26 pm

  3. Columbus GA Wedding Photographer -

    These keep getting better and better. BTW the natural light ( i hope ) looks really nice in the vid!

      3.24.11 - 3:26 pm

  4. Paulette Stewart -

    Love these episodes, Jasmine! Wonderful advice. I feel better about the times I blogged about embarrassing things now. 😉

      3.24.11 - 3:39 pm

  5. Karin -

    Bahahah NOOOO not the Swamp People!! My husband gets hooked on all these crazy shows, too. I just roll my eyes and pretend that I’m not watching from the kitchen.

    I like the alternating FAQ/Shooting Star posts… always so helpful!

      3.24.11 - 3:43 pm

  6. Jodie Lemke -

    Thank you so much Jasmine! This was a super important one I think! Facebook & Email can consume me!! I really like the idea of once a day replying to emails! I think i feel like if i don’t answer them all as soon as I can they will go somewhere else! And something that hit home was trying to be personal and share pieces of me! I am in the middle of re-branding myself and figuring out who I am! Image quest was wonderful and I just need to make a few changes to allow me to focus more on my Hubby & 2 little boys!! Thx again!

      3.24.11 - 3:48 pm

  7. Gail -

    Swamp People?! Oh Jasmine, you CRACK ME UP! See, we just got a new cable converter box from our cable company and Nick is ALL about this introduction to 30 more channels in our house. His latest obsession? Some Red Neck Wedding show!!! (you two need to talk – hehe) I shouldn’t even tell him about this swamp people show…it’ll have us both hooked!

    But since you’re on to gator livin’, add this title to your book pile for some more insight:

    And PS: EXCELLENT advice about not putting your negativity out in social media. Sometimes I think people don’t even realize HOW much they’re doing that!

      3.24.11 - 3:52 pm

  8. kelsey {las vegas wedding photographer} -

    Great tips!

      3.24.11 - 3:58 pm

  9. Sean -

    I love reading your blog but getting to watch anything educational you put out is always awesome! Thanks for all the help you provide!

      3.24.11 - 4:08 pm

  10. stephanie -

    You are the best thing ever. I check your blog every day and you inspire me. Thank you for all your hard work! AND Awesome work. I am just getting started and I have found that you are my favorite place for positive attitude in the photography world. I don’t know if any of that made sence. But Thank You!

      3.24.11 - 4:11 pm

  11. Jenelle Sewell -

    Thanks for this topic! Some of the questions and doubts I’ve had about being fully integrated into the social media world, you have successfully answered and encouraged in a positive way. Thanks!

      3.24.11 - 4:14 pm

  12. Life with Kaishon -

    Really great tips!
    Really. Really. Really great!
    I laughed so hard about rubbing your head on your diploma ; )
    Happy Thursday Jasmine!

      3.24.11 - 4:20 pm

  13. laurie -

    We just found it too and its like the train wreck of reality shows… we just can’t look away. I think they are going to make me give my diploma back…

      3.24.11 - 4:28 pm

  14. Kate Douthwright -

    Awesome tips. It’s so true that we need to reach out to others for them to reach back out to us. 🙂

      3.24.11 - 4:28 pm

  15. Larissa -

    I don’t know if I am the only one experiencing this issue but the video stalls at { 0:59 / 4:41 } …I want to see the rest and it will not play! 🙁

      3.24.11 - 4:29 pm

  16. Melanie -

    Thanks for the great video Jasmine. I totally agree about not putting negative remarks as your status update for your business accounts. I can’t believe how many people I see on Twitter that just complain tweet after tweet! I wind up deleting these people because who wants to hear that…definitely not a client wanting to hire a photographer!

      3.24.11 - 4:37 pm

  17. Rachel McPhillips -

    Thank you for posting this!! I love you telling about the time limits for social media, and email. Super helpful. Also.. is it okay to have arm envy? Your arms rock!

      3.24.11 - 4:41 pm

  18. Zaida -

    It does help! Thanks so much for sharing your perspective. I hope you have a wonderful week!

      3.24.11 - 4:41 pm

  19. Catherine Mac -

    Jasmine, thank you for this!! FAB idea allocating time slots to various social media! I was actually having this conversation at lunch with some photographer friends and I’m TOTALLY going to test drive your method, it sounds full proof 😉 Can’t wait for the next shooting star!! x

      3.24.11 - 4:44 pm

  20. Susan -

    I think it’s awesome that you allow 1-2 hours for email/fb. That’s admirable!! 😛 You rock!

      3.24.11 - 5:05 pm

  21. Terri -

    While I agree reality television is a "guilty pleasure" in general, including Swamp People, I can say as a Louisiana resident that this is a true way of life here and these individuals are part of a very dangerous, yet hugely profitable business. Watching it shouldn’t make one feel dumber, as much as enlightened to where there alligator pumps come from.

      3.24.11 - 5:06 pm

  22. Jill Samter Photography -

    Great job! I hope you will join in our I AM BEAUTIFUL Project – check it out on flickr

    One question – sorry to ask but why don’t you wear a wedding ring?

      3.24.11 - 5:08 pm

  23. Carrie K -

    Great ideas Jasmine! Thank you for the tips–"If you’re not uncomfortable, you’re not growing." SO TRUE! You’re really good at being concise and exacting with your comments in such a short period of time on the videos. AWESOME 🙂

      3.24.11 - 5:12 pm

  24. Jess McCann Nana -

    Jasmine your not going to believe this but my cousin was the lead camera guy for Swamp People.

    He came back and told us some insane stories. I did not think they were really true until I got to see the show. So true very addictiing this reality TV.

      3.24.11 - 5:22 pm

  25. B -

    Agreed! In fact, when I interviewed Jack Dorsey last month [yes, I totally name-dropped for street cred], he said that there are no "rules" to Twitter or social media. Everything is so new… define social media by your own standards! I’m pretty sure @Jack would agree with you 🙂

      3.24.11 - 5:36 pm

  26. Stephanie Lyell -

    I’m going to be there (in Akron) can’t wait!!

      3.24.11 - 5:46 pm

  27. Tamara Watson -

    Thanks Jasmine!

      3.24.11 - 5:55 pm

  28. Mirko Herzner -

    I especially like Tip #5. Maybe with all this talks about being careful on facebook we forget how to present a true picture of ourselves…

      3.24.11 - 6:04 pm

  29. amanda -

    This is so fabulous!! As a photographer just starting out you gave me some great ideas on how to better use my social media. Thanks Jasmine!!! 🙂

      3.24.11 - 6:15 pm

  30. Deney -

    Thanks for the reminder about starting the conversation for feedback. I’ve thought about it before but theres something about hearing it from someone else that justify the idea a bit more.

      3.24.11 - 6:16 pm

  31. Kristi Chappell -

    Seriously! Swamp people! Shelby and his dog Willy are my favorite, he’s a nut! You can’t help but be entertained. Looking forward to the creativelive workshop…I marked off those two days on my calendar with a big red pen!

      3.24.11 - 6:28 pm

  32. Kira Noble -

    Thanks!!!! Such a good reminder to KEEP IT REAL! ALSO, love your outfit….FAB.

      3.24.11 - 6:41 pm

  33. Elisabeth Carol -

    Great reminder!! Loving these videos SO much! Also loving your top! cute cute cute.

      3.24.11 - 6:51 pm

  34. Andre -

    These are great tips, Jasmine! I’ve seen lots of people, not just photographers, get swallowed up spending too much time dealing with social media and email, myself included. Wouldn’t we all benefit from spending less time but with more quality in these areas, and spending more time doing the things we love, like photography?

      3.24.11 - 7:03 pm

  35. MelissaFoscardo -

    First off… love Swamp People! I didn’t know anything about the way they live and work so I find it very educational…how’s that for a high-brow spin 🙂 I appreciate your advice for social media. Connecting with people has been frustrating to say the least. I put updates on my FB page and Twitter to encourage connection and dialogue and get none. I do respond to others’ tweets first and rarely get a response. Same with my blog…hardly ever any comments. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but gotta say, I’m getting super discouraged. Have adjusted my attitude to say that I’m doing these things for myself, but even I’m not buying that excuse! I’ll keep hammering away and hope it pans out one day.

      3.24.11 - 7:16 pm

  36. Cristina -

    You never stop to inspire me and making me ahhh, I heart you! THANK YOU!! xxx

      3.24.11 - 7:30 pm

  37. Andrea -

    Thank you for sharing great information. At the same time, I couldn’t but wonder if you were wearing pajama pants … hehe

      3.24.11 - 7:31 pm

  38. Anne Elisabeth -

    Jasmine! Your videos help so much, they are such a boost. Especially for starting photographers like myself. I mean I just got denied by a wedding client and you just make me feel like there is hope in the future. Big hope, so thanks!

      3.24.11 - 7:45 pm

  39. Anne Elisabeth -

    Jasmine! Your videos help so much, they are such a boost. Especially for starting photographers like myself. I mean I just got denied by a wedding client and you just make me feel like there is hope in the future. Big hope, so thanks!

      3.24.11 - 7:45 pm

  40. Cassady -

    Great video and all so true! I can’t wait to hear even more from you in Akron!

      3.24.11 - 7:55 pm

  41. angel canary -

    LOL NOW you know why I moved from Louisiana!! Haha! My father’s side of the family are what they call coon asses. Seriously, no joke. They are cajun and they would hang their catches, hunts in their front yards. When I moved to Indiana I felt more "at home" and "normal" but I’m still in awe of how different our "worlds" can be with just a little bit of distance between us. Oh, and the first thing Steven did for me was teach me to say boil, not bol, and foil, not fol. What that show and you’ll notice they say worlds different, SEE it’s NOT my fault I can’t speak plain english haha!! xox

      3.24.11 - 8:06 pm

  42. Sarah Danaher -

    awesome tips, Jasmine! thanks!

      3.24.11 - 8:13 pm

  43. Christine Chang -

    Giiiirl, love these videos.

      3.24.11 - 8:14 pm

  44. hannah m -

    I always love your Shooting Star posts, Jasmine. Totally agree with ya here. 😉

      3.24.11 - 8:23 pm

  45. jessrensch -

    love love love the email idea. just shared with my man because it seems all he does is sit and email all day! its hard to get things done when you get interrupted! 1.5 hrs per day. I asked if he would commit to this for 21 days….hope this will be a great new habit. thanks for the tip lovely!

      3.24.11 - 8:51 pm

  46. Allison -

    Great Tips… Totally agree with being the first and not being Debbie Downer… and my fav being real!

      3.24.11 - 9:10 pm

  47. Amy -

    Thank you Jasmine for sharing this with all of us. I so appreciate your words. You are truly AMAZING!

      3.24.11 - 9:14 pm

  48. Julie Towery -

    I love these videos!! They are so helpful and you explain things so well! Thanks so much for teaching us!! Keep them coming please!!

      3.24.11 - 9:30 pm

  49. Jamie Solorio -

    I love hearing what you have to say, especially via your cute videos! Thanks for the great advice!

      3.24.11 - 9:56 pm

  50. Katie -

    I’m loving your FAQs. It’s so helpful to know how you have used social media to grow your business.

      3.24.11 - 11:46 pm

  51. brianne howard -

    great video and i will see you in akron!!! I’m sooo excited!!!

      3.24.11 - 11:53 pm

  52. Aida Krgin -

    Great tips, thanks. I need to work on number five.

      3.24.11 - 11:54 pm

  53. Roger -

    You’re so well organized J. Thanks for the advice.

      3.25.11 - 12:09 am

  54. Sadiemae -

    You are so stinkin funny, love your post…haven’t watched the video yet, just read the blog first, but you crack me up! And your vid makes me smile or laugh when you smile or laugh! Keep up the awesome encouraging post!

      3.25.11 - 1:05 am

  55. Autumn Teesdale -

    I look forward to your blogs every day! You are an inspritation and the advice you give is great for everyone of all levels! Thank you!

      3.25.11 - 2:59 am

  56. Kristin Nicole -

    LOVE it as always! Thanks for the great advice!

      3.25.11 - 3:37 am

  57. Arielle -

    Can’t wait for your talk in Akron next week! Thanks so much for this 🙂

      3.25.11 - 3:46 am

  58. molly -

    Jasmine, you’re the best. I love hearing your voice and I appreciate all the loveliness you bring to our industry. Hope our paths cross again very soon 🙂


      3.25.11 - 4:41 am

  59. Karolina -

    I love that 🙂
    and videos like that… I find them soo so so so inspiring 🙂
    Thanks a lot :)))))

      3.25.11 - 11:28 am

  60. Shuva Rahim -

    Good idea about budgeting your time with social media. I soo need to do that!

      3.25.11 - 2:11 pm

  61. bev hawley -

    Thanks for today’s video…putting it into practice today.

      3.25.11 - 2:16 pm

  62. Kristi Chappell -

    Opps, Shelby and his dog Willy are on Ax Men, but they work in the swamps. Saw it last night and realized I told you wrong.

      3.25.11 - 2:23 pm

  63. Katelyn James -

    you’re brilliant:) ….a shining star… haha get it? 🙂 yea, it’s way too early for me to be leaving comments…..the next one won’t be as cheesy, I promise.

      3.25.11 - 2:49 pm

  64. Emily Kicklighter -

    So timely! "Social media" takes up so much time!! Thank you for the great advice! Funny how "social media" involves sitting alone at my computer….!

      3.25.11 - 2:52 pm

  65. Jamie -

    Way to stay fabulous! Great advice!

      3.25.11 - 8:00 pm

  66. Rachel Peters Photography -

    Thanks so much for this. I love these little sessions!

      3.25.11 - 8:55 pm

  67. Jasmin -

    Your advice is always so appreciated and I know more and more that it has to do with a professional business attitude! Thanks a lot!

      3.26.11 - 1:34 am


    I love it..its so usefull thanks a lot friend. C(:

      3.26.11 - 5:20 am

  69. Woman of Faith Photography -

    Jasmine, you are such a unique person! Refreshing and honest and amazingly gifted.

      3.26.11 - 5:57 am

  70. Emily Crall -

    Loved these tips! I’ve been trying to figure out the best combination of business/personal on twitter and facebook and this is really helpful!

      3.26.11 - 2:07 pm

  71. Lauren R. -

    Thank you! I love shooting star! And by the way, even your arms are gorgeous!

      3.26.11 - 4:58 pm

  72. Lauren R. -

    Thank you Jasmine! I love shooting star, and look forward to your posts. By the way, even your arms are gorgeous!

      3.26.11 - 5:00 pm

  73. Adriana Morett -

    I love this Shooting Star videos!!

      3.26.11 - 5:48 pm

  74. Karisa -

    Jasmine, please tell me the secret to your fabulous arms. 🙂 Oh and thanks for an insightful post!!

      3.27.11 - 3:43 am

  75. Jeanette Sanchez -

    Soooo helpful, as always, thanks Jasmine!

      3.27.11 - 8:14 am

  76. Samuel Burns -

    great advice, I think setting aside time each day for emails may be the way forward for me!

      3.27.11 - 10:24 am

  77. Sarah Clemence -

    Love that Jasmine…Some really helpful tips. I find I am answering emails all day.

      3.27.11 - 5:00 pm

  78. Lyndsay London -

    Such a BRILLIANT video, J*! I love your tips! For my business POSITIVE updates are totally KEY. I always get nice feedback about how happy I seem…. and it’s true! 🙂

      3.27.11 - 7:15 pm

  79. Maïa -

    Hey Jasmine !

    Nice tips !
    I wondered…did someone made you the lil’ music we can hear at the beginning and at the end ? Or did you bought it ? It’s a nice one (but I’ll leave it to you 😉 )

      3.28.11 - 2:16 am

  80. Jeffroger Kho -

    another great tip from J* =) exactly what I needed to know about using social media.

    thank you Jasmine and keep on inspiring people.

      3.28.11 - 7:20 pm

  81. Karina Bravo -

    I was wondering how you managed to do all of that. Thanks for answering my internal question! You are awesome!

      3.29.11 - 5:35 am

  82. Ellie -

    Fantastic and inspiring tips. Jasmine – you should also share your arm workout tips – I could definitely benefit from those!

      3.29.11 - 9:27 am


    Hi Jasmine, Just wanted to let you know that I love the new vlogs. I’ve been following your site for almost two years now and just wanted you to know you gave me the confidence to take on wedding photography. You truly inspire me to be the best I can be. Thanks so much! Cheers – R

      3.29.11 - 1:08 pm

  84. Liza Jane -

    I can NEVER let my husband see this video! When we are having our "businesess talks", he is constantly telling me "If you’re not uncomfortable, you’re not growing"! I know this statement is so true, but I really don’t want to see the smug look he would get on his face. 😉 Thanks for all the great information!

      3.29.11 - 3:01 pm

  85. Steve - Different Las Vegas Wedding Photographers -

    You are such a giver Jasmine. Thank you!

      3.29.11 - 7:07 pm

  86. David Paul Posey -

    Thanks for the tips; I appreciate your concise, get-to-point help.

      3.30.11 - 2:23 am

  87. Carter & Cook -

    This was such a helpful post. Loved it. Thanks Jasmine!

      3.30.11 - 5:36 am

  88. Tara Butler -

    Jasmine, you are fabulous! How am I just finding out about you now? Your thoughts are point-on, and you could have saved me lots of growing pains! Loves to you!

      4.5.11 - 7:14 pm

  89. Dana Laymon Photography -

    oh my gosh, my husband makes me watch Swamp People AND Ax Men! But I must say watching Swamp People is a skill in itself if you can figure out what they’re saying!

    Thanks for all your great advice and honesty! I wouldn’t be where I am without your sharing of knowledge!

      4.10.11 - 10:24 am

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