Shooting Star : Packing for Destination Shoots


In light of the length of yesterday’s blog post, I’m going to keep this entry short and sweet. Or, shall I say Fun Sized? Speaking of that term, someone once said I was Fun Sized and thought I’d offended being equated with miniature pieces of candy, but I’ve realized anything sugar related is totally acceptable. Heck, I might even respond to High Fructose Corn Syrup if you said it nicely. Seeing how I’m out of the office, I didn’t think it was reason enough not to keep running with the Shooting Star videos, so this week I’m talking about how I pack for destination weddings, and destination shoots in general.

Please note…
*Shooting in a different location threw me off my game, so there’s an overabundance of flubs. Yes, I’ll blame the location.
*I referenced my Tenba backpack and our Shootsacs.
*I referenced my off-camera flash set up for receptions.
*We used a new song this week and I think it’s saucy. This might also reveal how unsaucy I am in real life because the song may not at all be saucy, but I’m okay with it.

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Happy Thursday!