Shooting Star : Photo Discounts + Booking Policy


I’m a creature of habit. In fact, I secretly think I’m part bear because I eat like I’m storing food for winter and hibernation always seems like a good option. In light of keeping things constant, JD and I recorded another installment of Shooting Star because it’s been a few weeks and YouTube was sending me forlorn letters asking if we were in a girl fight. Then we hugged it out and I answered a few questions.

These questions are some I wasn’t able to answer when they were asked via Twitter, so here’s some video love from Chicago! In this installment of Shooting Star, I’ll be discussing…
*How I handle offering photography discounts to friends and family (or what I call “The Homie Hook-up”)
*My booking policy for holding a date for prospective clients
*Whether I watermark images I give to the creative team after the wedding and if they’re high res

I hope this helps at least one person out and as we’ve been on the road for theFIX, I wanna say THANK YOU for the patience, support, and encouragement. We’ve been able to keep life, blogging, and letter writing to YouTube somewhat normal. Internet, you complete me.