Shooting Star : Running a Business with a Partner


Last night I got home from a shoot and I was tired and overly sensitive…traffic did that to me. See what I did there? I shifted culpability from myself to some nebulous thing like traffic so I could act out and cry over a sleeping bag I bought close to three months ago. Yeah, I cried. Over a sleeping bag. And then I blamed myself for adding too much lime to my Vietnamese soup at dinner and I ruined everything. Speaking of purses, did I ever apologize for exchanging that handbag you gave me in college?!

Can you hand me a tissue?

I really have no idea how I’m able to do life with someone whose patience never ends…and perpetually walks around with a box of tissues. I couldn’t ask for a better partner and though JD would like to exchange me like a handbag at least one a week, I’m thankful to have him by my side.

This installment of Shooting Star focuses on building a business with a partner and the differing dynamics that come into play. Here I offer four tips on how I’ve learned to work with another person and I hope they help a bit if you’re in a similar place in your business…

Like always, these video FAQs are meant to help just one person…if you have ideas for future installments or questions you’d like for me to answer, I’m all ears and eager to hear your ideas!

Happy Tuesday!