Shooting Star : Staying In Control + Styled Shoots


Wellllll, hello there. And happy Monday! I hope you had a lovely Easter and are recovering from a chocolate comatose. Oh, that’s just me? You mean you didn’t sit in front of the Lakers game last night and make your way through eight pounds of mini Snickers stolen from your nieces and nephews baskets? Am I the only person who rationalizes the mini-sized candies as reduced calorie? Well, if one or all of the above scenarios occurred we can so be friends.

I’m starting this week jumping back into action with another installment of Shooting Star. If you can believe it, I decided to film this by myself after seeing my blooper reel a couple weeks ago…I wanted to make sure JD didn’t have another opportunity to garner new outtakes! Without him offering feedback behind the camera, however, I think I talked too much.

In this video, I’ll be discussing…
*If I’ve ever had a client try take over and/or control a shoot.
*Whether I blog each session before providing the digital negatives.
*How to organize/partake in styled bridal shoots.
*Three things that helped me move past being too nervous to build my online portfolio amongst my friends.

Like always, you can submit questions for future FAQs on Facebook!

Happy Friday!