Shooting Star : Wedding Ceremony + Contract


Okay, so how should I write it, I ask him last night while crawling into bed. He’s sitting at the edge of the bed strumming the guitar humming a Beatles song. Hey, John Lennon, I say. I use my toe to poke him from his 1960s revelry. JD glances up and I ask how I should write today’s blog post. He proffers a few suggestions and I scoff. Jasmine, why do you always ask for my ideas when you know you’ll never use them? I blink a few slow blinks. It’s then when I realize though I don’t use his ideas too often, they’re what push me–ultimately–where I want to be. I tell him this. He continues strumming and smiles. The answer makes him happy.

Speaking of happy, boy, oh boy, did y’all tickle me pink yesterday. Here’s a great big ‘ole THANK YOU for the shout outs on the 1,000 Pennies Contest! You made my day and I’m blown away by the support. No, really, I am. Gracias. Sometimes I speak spanish when I have no words to convey how I feel. The three random winners are:
Brooke of Brooklyn V Photography
Leslie of Leslie Brown Photography

In more random news, I tragically accessorized an outfit and it’s too late to take it all back because I shot an installment of Shooting Star…so now my transgression will live on. For everyone to see. But, really, what was I thinking wearing that belt?!?!

In this video, I’ll be discussing…
*How I conduct prospective wedding client meetings.
*My approach to photographing the wedding ceremony.
*Amending a wedding contract to reflect client requests.
*I also said “ideally” 47 times. And I annoyed myself.

Like always, you can submit questions for future FAQs on Facebook!