ShootQ Grant


Today is a gorgeous. Like the kind of days when you roll down your car window and deeply inhale. Sea air, freshly cut grass, and a splash of car exhaust…ahhh, nothing like life in Orange County! 😉

I’m sure plenty of my blog readers are familiar with the Shoot Q Grant, but for those of you who are not, you MUST take the time to check it out! There isn’t any other grant out there for photographers as amazing as this and I am SO incredibly honored to be a part of this project. Joe Buissink, Dawn Davis, Greg Gibson, Laura Novak, and myself are judges for this fabulous grant and I couldn’t be more excited!

If this $10,000 grant sounds like something that may benefit you—or someone you know—be sure to the CHECK IT OUT! I look forward to hearing your stories and getting to know you better through this amazing process!

Happy Monday!