Silverado Engagement : Bianca + Matt


She sat on our couch in a funk. My sister didn’t have to explain what was wrong, as the conversation from dinner lingered in the air. Over dinner I explained my past clients worked for eHarmony, and it sounded like something she should try…because, really, she wasn’t going to meet a guy doing what she was doing. Bianca was the type of person who’s constantly on a mission to save the world. Literally. She volunteered with youth at church, planned trips to Mexico to distribute toys at orphanages, and organized food drives. All in her spare time. And let’s be real, Bianca wasn’t going to meet a guy at the local canned food drive.

I gave her my credit card and she–reluctantly–created a profile. Over the next few weeks her calls were filled with, THIS IS SO RIDICULOUS…WHY DO YOU HATE ME…DON’T MAKE ME DO THIS! And with an attitude like that, she didn’t go on a single date. That is, however, until she was matched with Matt. Now, here’s a crazy thing: Matt was busy trying to save the world, too! He was doing all the same things Bianca was doing at his church.

So. Matt invites Bianca to coffee. She accepts. Then Bianca cancels last minute (she cites he might be a crazed murderer posing as a cute church boy). Matt is dumfounded. Then he sends her an email along the lines of: Listen, I don’t want to marry you…it’s just coffee. Bianca feels foolish. They plan to meet–again–for coffee.

Their coffee date was five hours long. And upon first meeting, they both realized they met the perfect person to help save the world. Together.

I couldn’t believe I was lucky enough to find a random boat in someone’s front yard! I was too nervous to ask if we could shoot in front of it…so I made Matt go and do it! 😉

Bianca, if you weren’t my twin sister, I’d say you looked beautiful. But since we look alike, that would be totally weird. So, instead, I’ll say you have GREAT HAIR!

Since we were kids, I could always make my sister laugh. My parents don’t get it. They don’t think I’m funny, but Bianca thinks I’m kinda hilarious.

The picture on the left is a true, true picture of how Matt treats Bianca…he’s always holding her up, so she can be the best version of herself…

Again…I’m funny.


Hey, Matt, I vote this be your new Facebook picture! 😉

Look at the textured walls…be still my heart….

Okay, and I’ll end with a rawr shot…

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